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  • Top 4 Safety Hazards Around the House and How to Address Them

    Your home should be a place that shelters you from all the dangers of the outside world. A retreat meant for comfort, relaxation, and for spending quality time with the people (or pets) that you love most. But even the coziest of homes can pose accident risks. Luckily, as opposed to the world around us, […] More

  • 6 Easy & Accessible Tricks to Make Your Living Room Look More Expensive

    making living room more luxurious

    Your living room is more often than not the focal point of your home. Not only is it the space where you, your friends, and your family gather, but it’s one of the most prominent living areas in your home — and likely the one to give a first impression of your household. Knowing all […] More

  • Packing 101: 7 Tips For A Hassle-Free Relocation

    According to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, roughly one in 10 American adults move to a different dwelling every year, with the majority of those transfers occurring domestically. While this figure is not as high as 70 years ago, it still accounts for the exodus of over 40 million people annually. However, the […] More

  • The Beautiful Beach House in ‘Grace & Frankie’ Is As Real As It Gets

    grace and frankie inside their beach house

    With filming about to resume for the 7th and last season, Grace and Frankie will hold the record for the longest running original series on Netflix. And while we’re sad to know that season 7 will also be the last, we’re looking forward to a final round of laughs with the show’s sharp-tongued, quirky leading ladies. […] More

  • Here are 5 Cool Exterior Home Design Ideas for 2021


    The interior of your home can say a lot, but it’s the exterior of your home that makes a good or poor impression first. So what you decide to do in terms of color choices, sprucing up your garden, and improving your overall curb appeal can change how people perceive your home (and hint at […] More

  • Does Jackson Maine’s House from ‘A Star Is Born’ Exist in Real Life?


    Two comets were rushing blindly against each other — one towards its inevitable doom, and the other soaring to heavens and beyond. It was fate that nonchalantly made them cross each other’s paths for a brief moment. But in that brief moment, magic happened! A Star Is Born is the story of those two magical […] More

  • 5 Things You Need to Know About When Selling Your Land to Developers

    selling piece of land to developers

    Selling land to developers is often the quickest way to make a profit off of unused land.  Although some will try to swoop in and steal it for cheap, and others will try to convince you that your land is worthless and that they’re doing you a favor: don’t fall for it. The following tips […] More

  • A Complete Guide to Flipping Houses

    Maybe you saw a reality TV show where a segment about house flipping was featured and you suddenly said to yourself, ‘Hey, I can do that!’ Or perhaps you’ve been successful at flipping a property once and, as a result, your friends and family are now trying to convince you to take a bigger bite […] More

  • Why Hire a Professional Interior Designer? Here are 6 Top Reasons

    refined interior décor with ladder shelves

    With so many home design shows and online resources available nowadays, polishing your interiors yourself has never been more accessible. Pinterest alone has about a quarter of its boards dedicated to home design, and there are so many blogs offering step-by-step instructions on how to recreate a look that all you need is a dedicated […] More

  • These 9 Popular Celebrities Are Building Their Real Estate Fortunes


    It’s no secret that real estate is a very lucrative business. But it’s also far more glamorous than you might think. And no, we’re not talking reality show glam (though we would never dare skip an episode of Million Dollar Listing or Selling Sunset). The real estate industry’s ability to build wealth makes it appealing […] More

  • Top 6 Accessible Ways to Prep Your House for a Quick Sale


    If you’re selling your home and don’t want to see it linger on the market for too long, you’re going to want to make it look nice. That’s just basic common sense. You’re going to attract more buyers, and give yourself a chance at getting a quick sale at the best possible price. The problem […] More

  • How to Keep Your House Plants Alive: 6 Top Tips

    house plants in beautiful pots

    I have three spider plants outside my room. Ironically, spiders, the insects, make me squeamish. The three plants were bought back in September 2018 when our family moved to our new home. Unfortunately, my hobbies kept me so indulged that I found the spiders dead in January 2019.  You can call me careless, and I […] More

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