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Want to build your own barndominium? Here’s the resource you need

*This article was sponsored by Barndominium Life, the #1 media brand covering

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How to properly take care of your home

Home is where we spend most of our time, the safe space

Tinashe Jaricha

Do You Pay Taxes When Selling Your House?

If you’re a homeowner, it's likely that you're already highly familiar with

Georgie Mihaila

Ultra-luxury rentals: What you need to know about renting million-dollar homes

In the luxury real estate industry, there’s this quiet segment of the

Georgie Mihaila

What’s the difference between faux leather and real leather sofas?

Because leather is a durable, attractive, and timeless material, it’s a very

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How to Take Care of Indoor Plants: 6 Top Tips for House Plant Care

I had three beautiful spider plants outside my room. Ironically, spiders, the

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Top 4 Safety Hazards Around the House and How to Address Them

Your home should be a place that shelters you from all the

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Packing 101: 7 Tips For A Hassle-Free Relocation

According to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, roughly one in

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Here are 5 Cool Exterior Home Design Ideas for 2021

The interior of your home can say a lot, but it's the

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What to Look for When Choosing a Senior Living Community for a Loved One

If you’re helping a spouse or parent find their happily-ever-after in a

Georgie Mihaila

How to Make Your Home Cat-Friendly

using vertical space to make a home cat friendly

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Can You Sell a House and Buy Another at the Same Time? We Explore Your Options

When you are in the process of moving, the process of buying

Georgie Mihaila

How to Turn a Finished Attic Into a Nice Living Space

A home's attic may just be the most overlooked space of the

Georgie Mihaila

8 Money-Saving Tips for Improving Your Bathroom’s Design

I don't know about you, but for me, a bathroom goes well

Georgie Mihaila

Here are the 4 Most Popular Roof Designs for Single Family Homes

When choosing the roof of your home, it’s important to select a

Flavia Medrut