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  • How to Take Care of Indoor Plants: 6 Top Tips for House Plant Care

    house plants in beautiful pots

    I had three beautiful spider plants outside my room. Ironically, spiders, the insects, make me squeamish. But the three plants were bought back in September 2018 when our family moved to our new home. Unfortunately, my hobbies kept me so indulged that I found the spiders dead in January 2019.  You can call me careless, […] More

  • Top 4 Safety Hazards Around the House and How to Address Them

    Your home should be a place that shelters you from all the dangers of the outside world. A retreat meant for comfort, relaxation, and for spending quality time with the people (or pets) that you love most. But even the coziest of homes can pose accident risks. Luckily, as opposed to the world around us, […] More

  • Packing 101: 7 Tips For A Hassle-Free Relocation

    According to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, roughly one in 10 American adults move to a different dwelling every year, with the majority of those transfers occurring domestically. While this figure is not as high as 70 years ago, it still accounts for the exodus of over 40 million people annually. However, the […] More

  • Here are 5 Cool Exterior Home Design Ideas for 2021


    The interior of your home can say a lot, but it’s the exterior of your home that makes a good or poor impression first. So what you decide to do in terms of color choices, sprucing up your garden, and improving your overall curb appeal can change how people perceive your home (and hint at […] More

  • How to Turn a Finished Attic Into a Nice Living Space

    Modern bright open space interior in attic

    A home’s attic may just be the most overlooked space of the house. Often used simply for storage, this space has the potential of turning into a sleek living space, hobby room, home office or even a guest bedroom, if given a good amount of tender love and care. Most people don’t consider using their […] More

  • 8 Money-Saving Tips for Improving Your Bathroom’s Design

    bathroom with a unique design

    I don’t know about you, but for me, a bathroom goes well beyond its practical uses; within the past years, I’ve come to think about it as a sanctuary of sorts, that room of the house that’s dedicated to pampering, relaxing and disconnecting — a place where I can enjoy some alone time and use […] More

  • Do You Pay Taxes When Selling Your House?

    house for sale with sign in front

    If you’re a homeowner, it’s likely that you’re already highly familiar with the tax benefits of owning a home — ranging from the deductible interest you pay on your mortgage to property tax deductions you can claim when filing your taxes. But what happens when you decide to sell your property? If you were wondering […] More

  • Here are the 4 Most Popular Roof Designs for Single Family Homes

    roofs of houses

    When choosing the roof of your home, it’s important to select a design that will best fit your needs and your environment. The different types of roof designs can vary from anything involving simple pitched roofs to heavy-duty gable roofs, each coming with its own set of design merits and practical uses. Think of it […] More

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