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  • The Coolest Movie Homes You Can Build Yourself with LEGOs

    coolest movie home legos

    What’s your favorite movie home of all time? For some, it’ll always be the apartment in Friends, while others have often fantasized about Richie Rich’s opulent mansion, JR’s insane ranch from Dallas, or the cozy McAllister family residence in Home Alone, to name just a few. Remarkably enough, an entire generation thinks back fondly to […] More

  • The Cutest Cat Condos You Can Get on Amazon

    cutest cat condos on amazon

    Cats love playing, jumping around, and hiding, and they’re champions at scratching up furniture, walls, and carpets. And since we love keeping both our furry little friends happy and our furniture intact, we’re always looking for great entertainment options for our furry little friends. Whether you live in a small apartment or a spacious house, […] More