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  • The Conjuring House Sells for Over $1.5 Million Despite its Sordid History

    exterior of the real conjuring house

    While million dollar homes throughout the country add never-ending lists of amenities to attract buyers, a modest farmhouse in Rhode Island is banking big on its terrifying history. The house that inspired the Conjuring movie franchise has recently traded hands — commanding an impressive $1.525 million sale price. Located in a remote part of Harrisville, a town […] More

  • Everything You Need to Know about Belvedere Castle in Central Park

    Belvedere Castle in Central Park with the New York skyline in the background

    As it turns out, you don’t have to travel all the way to Germany or France to see a veritable castle — there are some very beautiful castles in the New York area as well. In fact, there’s a magnificent castle nestled in one of the busiest and most well-known parks in the world. New […] More

  • The Bird Streets in Los Angeles: West Hollywood’s Top Celebrity Magnet

    view of Los Angeles from the Bird Streets in West Hollywood

    Before we start talking about the ultra-luxurious, ultra-private Los Angeles enclave known as the Bird Streets, let’s set the ambiance, shall we? Put on your favorite ’60s or ’70s record, whether it’s Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, or The Doors, pour some whiskey, light up a cigar — whatever it takes to get you in that […] More

  • Where Do Your Favorite F1 Drivers Live? 7 Fabulous Houses of Formula 1 Champs

    homes of your favorite F1 drivers

    We’re all probably familiar with the concept of seasonal affective disorder, otherwise known as – wait for it – SAD. It’s a state of melancholy that affects most people during the colder months, but for some, it can also make an appearance as the weather turns warmer.  For Formula 1 fans, seasonal affective disorder means […] More

  • ‘Full House’ Creator Jeff Franklin Asking $85M for Former Cielo Drive Murder House in LA

    Jeff Franklin's house in Los Angeles, now on the market asking $85 million

    Finding a buyer for what was once known across the country as a ‘murder house’ might seem like a tough sell. But after being completely redeveloped and reimagined as an ultra-luxurious, palatial estate, 10066 Cielo Drive might be the easiest sell ever. If owner Jeff Franklin gets his $85 million ask, it might also become one of the priciest home sales in Beverly Hills history.

  • Why Stephen King’s House is the Beating Heart of Bangor, Maine

    Stephen King's house in Bangor, Maine

    There’s no doubt that Stephen King put Bangor, Maine on the map. The small New England town is inextricably associated with the famous writer, and his red Victorian mansion is its beating heart. People from all across the country, sometimes even from across the ocean, flock to this otherwise unassuming town, to get a glimpse […] More

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