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  • ‘Full House’ Creator Jeff Franklin Asking $85M for Former Cielo Drive Murder House in LA

    Jeff Franklin's house in Los Angeles, now on the market asking $85 million

    Finding a buyer for what was once known across the country as a ‘murder house’ might seem like a tough sell. But after being completely redeveloped and reimagined as an ultra-luxurious, palatial estate, 10066 Cielo Drive might be the easiest sell ever. If owner Jeff Franklin gets his $85 million ask, it might also become one of the priciest home sales in Beverly Hills history.

  • Why Stephen King’s House is the Beating Heart of Bangor, Maine

    Stephen King's house in Bangor, Maine

    There’s no doubt that Stephen King put Bangor, Maine on the map. The small New England town is inextricably associated with the famous writer, and his red Victorian mansion is its beating heart. People from all across the country, sometimes even from across the ocean, flock to this otherwise unassuming town, to get a glimpse […] More

  • Greystone Mansion: the Most Familiar House You’ve Never Visited

    Greystone Mansion, Los Angeles

    There’s this mansion in Beverly Hills that a large part of the world’s population has already seen, even though they might not realize it. It’s a historic house that’s been used in endless Hollywood movies, TV series, and music videos. After you finish reading this article, you might just realize that you’ve seen this house […] More

  • John Wick’s House is Real – And Just as Complex as Our Favorite Badass Character

    John Wick's house from the movie in real life

    Action movie fans everywhere have anxiously watched (and rewatched) the American neo-noir action franchise that sees Keanu Reeves play John Wick, a hitman that comes out of retirements in his quest for vengeance. These action-packed Hollywood movies were met with positive reviews, with critics labeling them as some of Reeves’ best performances. And no doubt about it, […] More

  • Is It Real? The Creepy House in Stephen King’s ‘It’

    The House in Stephen King's It

    With more than 350 million copies sold, Stephen King is by far the biggest best-selling author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, crime, science-fiction, and fantasy novels in the U.S. — if not the world. His work has spawned countless movie adaptations and bone-chilling TV series, each earning more praise than the other. With an impressive […] More

  • Is It Real? The Exorcist House, Fact vs Fiction

    The Exorcist House | Fancy Pants Homes

    If you’re a horror fan like us, then you’ve already watched (and rewatched) all the major classics, which include The Shining, Halloween, The Thing, It and last but not least, The Exorcist.  Now, there are a lot (and we mean A LOT) of movies out there related to exorcisms, but William Friedkin’s 1973 epic is […] More

  • Beverly Park, a Privacy Haven for Hollywood’s Biggest Celebrities

    Beverly Park, Los Angeles | Fancy Pants Homes

    Some call it a desperate need for privacy and security. Others call it conscious alienation and paranoia. Whatever the reason, one thing’s clear: the world’s wealthiest all want to live in Beverly Park, Los Angeles’ richest and most exclusive neighborhood.  What exactly is so special about Beverly Park?, you might ask. Don’t feel bad about […] More

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