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  • Ali Wong’s house in ‘Beef’ cleverly alludes to her character’s state of mind

    Beef. Ali Wong as Amy Lau sitting on the floor of the bathroom with a gun in hand in episode 101 of Beef

    “When nowhere feels like home, you just retreat into yourself.”  As two strangers become obsessed with revenge after a road-rage-filled conflict in an LA parking lot, Netflix’s smash hit series, Beef gives a masterclass in conveying character development through flawless interior design.  Okay, I’m just going to say it, Beef is an incredible show. It’s masterfully written, full of […] More

  • The coolest LEGO houses from your favorite movies & TV shows

    coolest movie home legos

    What’s your favorite movie home of all time? For some, it’ll always be the apartment in Friends, while others have often fantasized about Richie Rich’s opulent mansion, JR’s insane ranch from Dallas, or the cozy McCallister house in Home Alone, to name just a few. Remarkably enough, an entire generation thinks back fondly to a […] More

  • Grace and Frankie’s beach house in real life

    grace and frankie inside their beach house

    With a total of 7 seasons and 94 episodes, Grace and Frankie holds the record for the longest-running original series on Netflix. And its sharp-tongued, quirky leading ladies, coupled with a lighthearted take on the realities of aging and impeccable performances from all of its cast members made it a fan favorite. The perfectly harmonized cast […] More

  • Is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre house real? Finding Leatherface’s fearsome farmhouse in the Texan countryside

    the texas chainsaw massacre house in the 1974 movie

    In 1974, Tobe Hooper, legendary director of several classic horror flicks including Poltergeist and Salem’s Lot, introduced us to Leatherface. A totally terrifying serial killer with zero mercy and a penchant for human skin masks and motorized landscaping equipment. In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, he ruthlessly hunts down a helpless group of teenagers who happen upon his […] More

  • The sleek Parasite house and how it came to be

    parasite house scene

    If you have yet to watch Bong Joon Ho’s award-winning masterpiece Parasite, which swept the Oscars back in 2020 by winning the coveted awards for best picture, best director, best foreign language film, and best original screenplay, then stop reading right now and go watch it. We guarantee you won’t regret it, and you’ll get […] More

  • Is the Yellowstone ranch real? We found the Dutton ranch in real life

    the real Yellowstone ranch

    Since episode one, Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone has been rife with unexpected twists and turns. Always coaxing us to the edges of our seats, always leaving us wondering what on earth could possibly happen next. The biggest questions for TV home buffs like us though? Where do they film the show? Is Yellowstone ranch even real? And, most […] More

  • The real-life Brady Bunch House: Then & Now

    exterior of the real Brady Bunch House in California

    Here’s the story, of a lovely lady… and a house we’re still in love with to this day!  A man named Brady might have been busy with three boys of his own but he still managed to carve out enough time to build the dream ’70s family home. More than 50 years on, that quintessential […] More

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