Frasier’s home makeover: The old Seattle set vs. his new Boston apartment

It’s 1993. No internet in your home yet, VHS is king, and Friend’s hasn’t even aired its first episode. Enter Frasier Crane into the most beautiful apartment we’d ever seen on TV…

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Photo credit: Pamela Littky/Paramount+ © 2023 CBS Studios Inc.

Recently, reminiscing with a friend about the golden age of 90s weekend television, it came to light that, as children, Frasier, had been a main fixture of both our Friday night line-ups.  

I couldn’t believe we’d watched the same show when we didn’t know each other then and even lived in different countries. She couldn’t believe two six-year-olds found anything remotely interesting about a show based on two, stunningly wealthy, thirty-something psychiatrist brothers from Seattle.  

She was totally right, and we both agreed, it must have been something to do with Frasier’s super cozy apartment and, of course, that dazzling Seattle skyline!

With the show’s revival receiving mainly positive reviews and officially set to return for another season, there’s no better time to take an in-depth look at Frasier’s old Seattle condo and his new apartment in Boston. First things first…

Is Frasier’s apartment real?

Photo credit: IMDB

Sadly, like 99% of sitcom homes, Frasier’s apartment was built on a set.

Though I learned this sad truth many moons ago (more moons than I’d like to admit), I did recently discover something that brought the magic of the home back to life.

In a 1993 interview and set tour with Kelsey Grammar himself, the actor revealed that Frasier’s apartment was built in the exact same spot as the bar set on Cheers, which had wrapped just six months earlier. 

Could Frasier have afforded his Seattle apartment?

As is tradition for almost all sitcom characters since the mid-to-late 90s, Frasier lived in an apartment he, most likely, could never afford.

Most shows do it under the radar using general clutter or broken amenities to make you think these spaces are smaller/less desirable than they truly are. The New Girl gang’s apartment had faulty plumbing, yet managed to score a sprawling penthouse loft on the salaries of teachers and bartenders.

Caroline, a waitress, and one of two self-confessed Broke Girls, slept on the couch… of a huge apartment… with a private backyard… in pricey Williamsburg. Oh, and let’s not forget Carrie Bradshaw who kept sweaters in the stove — yet had a walk-in closet in her stunning one-bed on the Upper East Side! Okay, so that apartment was rent-controlled, but you get the idea. 

On Frasier, however, they made no bones about the fact Dr Crane’s apartment was incredibly lavish. The corner windows, the terrace, the skyline view, the freaking grand piano on a raised platform!

Photo credit: IMDB

So could Frasier have afforded the home he so proudly owned, famously overlooking Seattle’s Space Needle? Nope! 

Thanks to Gabriella Paiella’s’ deep-dive investigation into the salaries, house prices, and even investment opportunities of the time, it’s a beautiful fiction that Frasier, on a local radio host salary could ever afford this home — or his lifestyle, for that matter. Even if he did get in on the ground floor of Microsoft which show writer Joe Keenan did float as a possibility!

“ If you’ve got really fine pieces of furniture, it doesn’t matter if they match, they will go together.” – Frasier Crane

How much did the Seattle apartment cost?

In 1993, when the show first aired, an apartment like Frasier’s with that view in central Seattle would have set you back around $1 million (more like $5 million today).

But, seeing as it wasn’t real, how much did it cost to bring the sought-after interior to life?

Photo credit: IMDB

According to, producers spent an eye-watering sum of around $500,000 on building and decorating the space. Hardly surprising when the Eames chair alone would have cost thousands. One of those alone cost around $6,000!

Not to mention the medium grand Steinway piano which, granted, could have cost a little less in 1993, but these days sets you back over $100,000.

Hilariously, whilst other cast members revealed they took small things like headphones and framed pictures from the set, Kelsey Grammer took the piano. He did have to pay Steinway $1,000 for it but I’d say that’s quite the steal!

Decorated with signatures from the cast, it now lives in his house in Palm Springs. 

Another huge cost to building the set? The view. As revealed in an interview with set designer Roy Christopher, the sparkling skyline seen from Frasier’s apartment sadly doesn’t exist where any real buildings are.

To capture the Seattle skyline as it looks on screen, they sent photographers up a quote, “craggy cliff” to capture unobstructed images and give the illusion of pure luxury. These images were then projected onto a 20ft tall, 40ft wide screen displayed behind the terrace.

Not sure if this approach would work, and only finding out 48 hours before shooting the pilot episode that it did, they installed the Roman blinds seen in the show to close off the view if they had to! 

Special mention for The Chair

“Dad as dear as I’m sure that this piece is to you, I just don’t think it goes with anything here.”

Um, no, I’m not talking about the famous black leather Eames chair or the specially made replica of Coco Chanel’s sofa from her Paris atelier. I’m talking about Marty’s ugly, severely duct-taped, striped recliner in a most offensive shade of vomit green.

Photo credit: IMDB

Why? I found so many tidbits about this chair in my research I just had to share!

Firstly, whilst you might assume little to no thought went into sourcing this chair, you’d be oh so wrong. There were lengthy discussions about the design and, after thoroughly searching, the production team just couldn’t find one ugly enough.

So, they bought a recliner, then separately purchased the ugliest fabric they could find and reupholstered the chair. They then proceeded to scuff it up and add duct tape for that final, lived-in flourish.

As for the chair’s whereabouts today? Believe it or not, Marty’s recliner has finally found a home worthy of its fame. According to IMDB, it’s sitting proudly in the Smithsonian in Washington DC!

Frasier has left the building

After 11 years and 11 seasons, Frasier bid Seattle goodbye. Following his new love Charlotte (who else totally forgot that Laura Linney was in Frasier because I did?!) to Chicago.

Fast forward another 19 years to 2023 and after countless reruns on breakfast television, the team behind Frasier announced a revival set to stream on Paramount+.

Brand new episodes, another brand new city, and to my delight, an all-new apartment.

L-R: Jack Cutmore-Scott as Freddy Crane, Anders Keith as David and Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane In Frasier, episode 2, season 1 streaming on Paramount+, 2023.
L-R: Jack Cutmore-Scott as Freddy Crane, Anders Keith as David and Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane In Frasier, episode 2, season 1 streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo credit: Chris Haston/Paramount+

Was I sad not to see the familiar Y-shaped abode with almost 20 years’ worth of updates? Sure. But was I even more excited to see where Frasier Crane would live now and how he would decorate and style a new space? You bet I was.

Now in Boston, Frasier has recently left his job as a television talk show host. We can therefore assume he is even richer now than he was two decades earlier. Good thing too as Dr. Crane drops some serious cash in this new series.

In hopes of mending his somewhat broken relationship with his son Freddie, he buys, not only the apartment across the hall from him, but the entire building. The cost of this? Oh, only about $20 million.

“I bought the whole building… with money Frederick, lots and lots of money!”

Same old Frasier, new Boston digs

As for the decor in Frasier’s new apartment, it’s very noticeably different from the spacious, open-plan Seattle pad.

Despite the second floor, something his former home didn’t have, this charming New England-style apartment feels smaller and more closed off with its moodier color palette.

L-R: Jack Cutmore-Scott as Freddy Crane and Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane in Frasier, streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo credit: Pamela Littky/Paramount+ TM & © 2023 CBS Studios Inc.

That’s not to say it isn’t incredibly impressive. The dark wood and black metal banisters, the statement Rorschach wallpaper, and the colorful, plush velvet sofas complete with Christian LaCroix throw pillows.

It’s pretty stunning and perfectly captures Frasier’s love of luxury with a modernized edge.

Eagle-eyed viewers will also notice that the Steinway made the trip! Given that Frasier’s original piano has the cast’s signatures all over it, I’m guessing this is a different piano in the same model but who knows?

Surprisingly, that’s not my favorite piece in the apartment. Set designer on the new series, Glenda Rovello, commissioned designer Ryan Meneely to make two lamps for the living room. Look closely and you’ll see their black metal light shades use punched-out holes as Morse code. One spells out Frasier, and the other, Kelsey. 

We still loved the old one more

Truthfully? Beautiful as this new apartment is, and really is so beautiful, I think I’ll always be longing for the original set.

L-R: Andy Daly as Roland and Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane  in Frasier, episode 9, season 1 streaming on Paramount+, 2023.
L-R: Andy Daly as Roland and Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane in Frasier, episode 9, season 1 streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo credit: Chris Haston/Paramount+

Maybe that’ll change with another season. Maybe the rest of the cast will return? (I’m still keeping everything crossed for a David Hyde Pierce cameo!)

Either way, I’ll be tuning back in for Season 2, and for a fix of the old Seattle digs, there’s always Frasier run-runs playing somewhere. 

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