The “Schitt’s Creek” mansion in Toronto is for sale (again). But you’d need Rose family money to afford it

The opulent mansion that served as home to the Rose family before their fall from grace is now back on the market.

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Photo credit: Birdhouse Media courtesy of The Agency

Die-hard fans who may have missed their chance a couple of years back — and who have since padded their pockets with a few extra million $$$ — now have another chance to get their hands on the TV-famous Schitt’s Creek mansion in Toronto.

The iconic mansion that the fictional Rose family once called home in the hit TV series, a sophisticated and opulent abode with Versailles-worthy interiors meant to highlight the main characters’ incredible wealth and steep fall from grace, is known in real life as La Belle Mansion — and it’s one of Toronto’s most recognizable residences.

It’s also one of the city’s priciest and has been floated on the market at several price points over the years. Once listed for a hefty CAD $21,788,000, the stately house finally sold a couple of years back for $15.2 million (Canadian). But the long-awaited deal fell through, prompting the owners to relist.

Now, this French-inspired masterpiece is back on the market, inviting potential buyers to live like the Roses in their lavish Schitt’s Creek mansion. As for the rest of us, we’ll settle on a virtual tour of the sprawling TV abode that won’t cost us a thing.

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Toronto’s TV-famous ‘La Belle Mansion’

Photo credit: Birdhouse Media courtesy of The Agency

Set in Toronto’s prestigious St. Andrew-Windfields enclave, the stately mansion reminiscent of Europe’s grand chateaus is a local celebrity in its own right.

The house, which bounced on and off the market for years, is just as famous outside the Canadian border. That’s because it served as the iconic setting where the fictional Rose family once resided in the hit TV series, Schitt’s Creek.

Known as “La Belle Mansion,” this sprawling estate embodied the opulence and extravagance that characterized the Rose family’s affluent lifestyle before their unexpected fall from grace. And it’s easy to see why 30 Fifeshire Rd. was chosen for the role.

French architecture and Versailles-worthy interiors

Photo credit: Birdhouse Media courtesy of The Agency

Described as a French-inspired masterpiece, the sprawling mansion at 30 Fifeshire Rd. boasts levels of luxury and sophistication that seem taken straight out of a Parisian palace.

Spanning 24,000 sq ft. of ultra-luxurious living space, this opulent estate features 12 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, and a myriad of lavish amenities ranging from a home theater to several pools.

Opulence inside and out

Photo credit: Birdhouse Media courtesy of The Agency

From the grand marble foyer to the palatial formal dining room, every detail exudes grandeur and elegance.

The house has ultra-luxurious features you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, like eye-catching frescoes reminiscent of the Sistine Chapel.

Indoors, residents and their guests can indulge in leisure with a home theatre, billiards room, and fitness center, while outdoors, they can relax in the sauna or take a dip in the indoor and outdoor pools.

Photo credit: Birdhouse Media courtesy of The Agency

The Schitt’s Creek connection

For fans of Schitt’s Creek, the popular Canadian sitcom that follows the wealthy Rose family’s comedic misadventures after they lose their fortune and are forced to live in a small town they once bought as a joke, the mansion at 30 Fifeshire Rd. is the most poignant reminder of the Rose family’s journey from riches to rags and back again.

Photo credit: Birdhouse Media courtesy of The Agency

Throughout the series’ 6-season run, the mansion served as the backdrop for countless memorable moments, from extravagant parties to heartfelt family gatherings.

Its grandeur and elegance stood in stark contrast to the humble surroundings of the fictional town of Schitt’s Creek, highlighting the stark realities faced by the Roses as they navigated their new life.

The property sold for $15.2 just a couple of years ago

Photo credit: Birdhouse Media courtesy of The Agency

After about a dozen tries, the 30 Fifeshire Rd. property had finally found new owners in late 2022. An unnamed buyer reportedly took the house off the market for $15.2 million.

But the celebratory moment was short-lived, as the deal fell through, prompting the owners to relist the property.

“The purchaser who bought it couldn’t close the deal and the seller decided to put it back on the market,” realtor Khoren Mardoyan of HomeLife/Vision Realty told blogTO

New price, extra representation for the famous TV home

Photo credit: Birdhouse Media courtesy of The Agency

Now, Mardoyan — the property’s original listing agent — partnered up with the celebrity experts over at The Agency (if the name sounds familiar, that’s because they have their own reality series on Netflix), with Peter Torkan, Paige Torkan, and Al Mousavizadeh of The Agency Toronto joining the team.

The price has also seen another re-adjustment: 30 Fifeshire Rd. is now listed for 17,800,000 CAD (roughly $13 million US).

Set in one of Toronto’s ritziest areas

Photo credit: Birdhouse Media courtesy of The Agency

The Schitts Creek mansion is set in the wealthy neighborhood of St. Andrew-Windfields — aka York Mills or Silver Hills — one of the wealthiest areas of the city.

Known for its large, palatial properties, tree-lined streets, and beautifully landscaped gardens, the affluent Toronto neighborhood commands premium prices, much like its equally (if not more) ritzy neighbor, Bridle Path.

Other equally famous mansions nearby

Photo credit: Birdhouse Media courtesy of The Agency

Speaking of the house’s wealthy neighbors, the Schitt’s Creek-featured house sits next to Toronto’s prestigious Bridle Path neighborhood, which is in itself a hub of iconic TV and celebrity homes.

Just a stone’s throw away from the Schitt’s Creek mansion lies another memorable TV abode — the infamous home of Regina George from the cult classic film Mean Girls. Set just a short 6-minute drive from 30 Fifeshire Rd, Regina’s mansion is another trophy Toronto house-turned-filming location that stuck with fans decades after its screen time.

But Bridle Path isn’t just home to fictional characters — it’s Toronto’s toniest neighborhood, where some of music’s biggest stars (and not only) live. Drake, the Canadian rapper and global phenomenon, calls this neighborhood home.

Prince too has once set down roots here, while married to his former Canadian wife, Manuela Testolini, and Shark Tank investor Robert Herjavec owned a house here too, which he listed in 2016 for a whopping $18.8 million.

The Rosebud Motel was on the market too

Photo credit: Birdhouse Media courtesy of The Agency

Turns out, the sprawling mansion isn’t the only Schitt’s Creek property to spend time on the market. Three years ago, the Rosebud Motel — where the Roses take up residence after they lose their fortune — was also offered for sale.

By its real name, Hockley Motel, was listed for $2 million CAD (about $1.5 million US). The modest six-unit motel, which has long been a pilgrimage site of sorts for fans of the series, is located in the town of Mono, about 50 miles northwest of downtown Toronto.

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