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  • A Closer Look at Booth and Brennan’s Two Perfect Family Homes on ‘Bones’

    Booth and Brennan's lovely family homes on Bones

    TV homes play a far greater role than just providing a background for the show’s key scenes. Particularly in long-running series centered around a family, couple or group of friends, the houses are brought to life on screen, and play a crucial part in the storyline. Throughout the years, we’ve all fallen in love with […] More

  • Is the ‘Gilmore Girls’ House Real? Lorelai And Rory’s Cozy Stars Hollow Home

    Rory and Lorelai's house in Gilmore Girls

    Featured image credit: Netflix/Eric Charbonneau “I Smell Snow…”  If the arrival of the cold weather has you wanting to cancel all your plans and stay inside watching Gilmore Girls re-runs from morning until night, let me assure you, you’re not alone. The second I see the leaves outside starting to change color my first instinct […] More

  • How Much Would It Cost to Live in 10 of the Most Iconic Homes on TV?

    If you’re like me, half the reason you watch so many movies and TV shows is to get a glimpse inside the often-glamorous lives of your most beloved characters, and marvel at how they live. You’re forever wishing you could dress like Carrie Bradshaw, share a few laughs with your closest friends in Monica’s quirky […] More

  • Unveiling the Mystery Behind the Sprawling Thrombey Mansion From Knives Out

    the knives out house in real life

    With one of the best ‘whodunit’ scripts to grace our screens in decades, a frankly incredible all-star cast, and a devilishly mysterious mansion setting to top it all off, it’s no wonder we’re all so enthralled by Knives Out and the epic locations where its eternally compelling plot unfolds. The all-star ensemble cast was led by none other […] More

  • Is It Real? Doctor Strange’s Magical Manhattan Townhouse, Sanctum Sanctorum


    Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe first graced our screens in 2008, fans have, well, marveled at some of the incredible structures our favorite heroes call home. And, though we would give our left vibranium arm for Tony Stark’s futuristic Malibu house, the ever-changing Vision residence, or even Clint Barton’s sprawling Missouri farmhouse, there’s one home […] More

  • The Ever-Changing Vision Residence: Magical Interiors Through the Decades

    wanda and vision inside the living room of their house in wandavision

    In 2019, just when I thought the MCU couldn’t possibly expand any further, Marvel announced our favorite heroes would be gracing the small screen in a brand new collection of televisions series. The first to arrive? WandaVision! I was instantly excited by the thought of getting to know more about these two beloved characters, but nothing […] More

  • Tracking Down Barney Stinson’s Apartment from HIMYM? Challenge Accepted!


    If, like me, you’ve spent an unreasonable amount of time watching How I Met Your Mother re-runs since the show wrapped up filming seven years ago, there’s a good chance you’re just as obsessed with the apartments featured on the show as I am. And, while there’s no denying that each of the McLaren gang’s homes has their pros […] More

  • Is It Real? The New Girl Gang’s Quirky & Cozy L.A. Loft

    the new girl loft

    Hey Girl, watcha doin’? Still dreaming about living in the New Girl Loft? Me too. It’s been three years since we bid a reluctant farewell to apartment 4D and its beloved residents but I still think about those sprawling open plan living spaces, original brick interiors, and irresistibly quirky design touches on a daily basis. […] More