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  • The Nitty Gritty on Maxine’s Apartment in ‘Russian Doll’

    Nadia and Maxine inside the apartment from Russian Doll on Netflix

    In 2019, after a lengthy seven-year development phase, critically acclaimed comedy-drama, Russian Doll, made its first appearance in our Netflix queues. Like many others, I immediately binged all eight episodes and fell head over heels down the stairs in love with the show. This wildly funny, morbidly intriguing tale of two strangers stuck in a deadly time loop had […] More

  • Is Madre Linda Real? Tracking Down Joe and Love’s Dreamy Hell-burban Home from ‘You’ Season 3

    Love and Joe in Madre Linda neighborhood, You S03

    Well, hello there. Who are you? Here to find out the location of Joe and Love’s charming Madre Linda abode? Okay, I’ll bite… Based on the wildly popular book series by Caroline Kepnes, You, now a smash-hit Netflix thriller, follows Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley, Gossip Girl, Easy A), a mysterious bibliophile and obsessive romantic whose twisted ideas of what it means […] More

  • ‘Only Murders In The Building’: Is the Arconia Apartment Complex Real?

    Only Murders in the Building TV show poster

    Hulu’s star-studded mystery/comedy series, Only Murders in the Building, was one of 2021 biggest streaming hits, with critics and audiences alike tuning in to see whodunit. The show’s silly approach to true crime obsessives is at once hilarious and insightful, thanks in large part to its extremely charming central trio — played by legendary comedians […] More

  • The One With the Friends Apartment – Reimagined in Different Interior Design Styles

    the Friends apartment in Scandinavian-style interior design

    Please note that this article contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links in the article, we will receive a small commission. Whether you’re on your thousandth re-watch or you’re only just discovering the comedy marvel that is Friends, I’m willing to bet you adore the gang’s iconic 90s […] More

  • Are the Houses From ‘The Holiday’ Real? We Found Iris & Amanda’s Picture Perfect Homes

    Scene from The Holiday movie showing Amanda (Cameron Diaz) outside Iris' cottage

    I need to confess. Since its release back in December 2006, I’ve seen The Holiday approximately seventy-five times! (Yes, it gets at least five watches every. single. Christmas.). I can quote entire scenes, I know the score by heart, and I’ve lost count of the many occasions I’ve rocked out to Mr. Brightside in sync with a slightly inebriated, cardigan-clad […] More

  • Tracking Down the Caldwell House and Other Cool ‘Happiest Season’ Locations

    the Caldwell house from Happiest Season movie decked for the holidays

    Happiest Season may be a heart-warming story about true love and what it means to be a family, but thanks to the ultra-trendy bars, boutique stores, breathtaking homes, and stunning country clubs, it’s also a 104-minute tour of the dreamiest filming locations I’ve ever seen. If you’re yet to catch the movie, let me fill you […] More

  • A Closer Look at Booth and Brennan’s Two Perfect Family Homes on ‘Bones’

    Booth and Brennan's lovely family homes on Bones

    TV homes play a far greater role than just providing a background for the show’s key scenes. Particularly in long-running series centered around a family, couple or group of friends, the houses are brought to life on screen, and play a crucial part in the storyline. Throughout the years, we’ve all fallen in love with […] More

  • Is the ‘Gilmore Girls’ House Real? Lorelai And Rory’s Cozy Stars Hollow Home

    Rory and Lorelai's house in Gilmore Girls

    Featured image credit: Netflix/Eric Charbonneau “I Smell Snow…”  If the arrival of the cold weather has you wanting to cancel all your plans and stay inside watching Gilmore Girls re-runs from morning until night, let me assure you, you’re not alone. The second I see the leaves outside starting to change color my first instinct […] More

  • How Much Would It Cost to Live in 10 of the Most Iconic Homes on TV?

    If you’re like me, half the reason you watch so many movies and TV shows is to get a glimpse inside the often-glamorous lives of your most beloved characters, and marvel at how they live. You’re forever wishing you could dress like Carrie Bradshaw, share a few laughs with your closest friends in Monica’s quirky […] More

  • Unveiling the Mystery Behind the Sprawling Thrombey Mansion From Knives Out

    the knives out house in real life

    With one of the best ‘whodunit’ scripts to grace our screens in decades, a frankly incredible all-star cast, and a devilishly mysterious mansion setting to top it all off, it’s no wonder we’re all so enthralled by Knives Out and the epic locations where its eternally compelling plot unfolds. The all-star ensemble cast was led by none other […] More

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