The real-life Brady Bunch House: Then & Now

One of the most iconic TV homes of all time, the Brady family home was brought back to life in recent years by expert renovators (including Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott) and came back to our screens to attract the largest audience in HGTV history.

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Here’s the story, of a lovely lady… and a house we’re still in love with to this day! 

A man named Brady might have been busy with three boys of his own but he still managed to carve out enough time to build the dream ’70s family home.

More than 50 years on, that quintessential retro house still gives so many of us the warm and fuzzies, so we, of course, had to track it down and find out more!

Especially since the very real — and charming — home that served as filming location for all exterior shots is now back on the market, after its high-profile owner restored it to match its on-screen look to perfection — with the help of serial renovators Drew and Jonathan Scott, Jasmine Rooth, and the original Brady Bunch kids.

The cast of A Very Brady Renovation
The cast of A Very Brady Renovation. Photo credit: HGTV / Discovery

Is The Brady Bunch House real?

Yes, the Brady Bunch house is 100% real. It was built in 1959 and shot to fame exactly a decade later when The Brady Bunch aired the first of its 117 episodes on ABC on September 26th, 1969.

However, though the exterior shot of the home is certainly one of the show’s most used and most recognizable, it’s the only one actually filmed here. All of the action that takes place inside the house and in the garden was recorded on stage five at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

Scene from The Brady Bunch taking place inside the iconic TV home.
Scene from The Brady Bunch taking place inside the iconic TV home.

Unsurprisingly, that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the most visited, most photographed, and most beloved TV homes in America.

In fact, according to the home’s former real estate broker Ernie Carswell, it’s the second most photographed house in the United States after 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. (the White House)!

Where to find it in real life

If you ever happen to find yourself in California, Studio City to be exact, make sure to swing by 11222 Dilling St. where you’ll find the Brady Bunch house standing proudly on a perfectly mowed front lawn.

That’s roughly a 20-minute drive from downtown Los Angeles and 11 minutes from Hollywood Blvd’s Walk of Fame. Universal Studios is merely 2 miles away, so it only makes sense to include this memorable TV home on your sightseeing tour if you’re ever in the area.

HGTV paid $3.5M to buy The Brady Bunch house in 2018

As you might imagine, when The Brady Bunch house first went up on the market after a lengthy 45-year ownership (the previous resident sadly passed away in 2018), plenty of eagle-eyed buyers were ready and waiting with their figurative bidding paddles held high, hoping to become the proud new owners of this iconic family ranch.

Exterior of the Brady Bunch house, seen here in 2018, when it hit the market for the first time in 45 years.
Exterior of the Brady Bunch house, seen here in 2018, when it hit the market for the first time in 45 years. Photo credit: Zillow

Initially, it seemed former NSYNC star and self-proclaimed frosted tips survivor, Lance Bass, had secured the house with a winning bid that he tweeted was “WAY over the asking price” of $1.885 million.

Unfortunately, his victory was short-lived when no more than 24 hours later, he was informed that a corporate buyer (Discovery on behalf of HGTV) had trumped his offer with an eye-watering sum of $3.5 million.

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Alas, Bass’s dreams went bye bye bye and a new renovation series was born…

HGTV’s Brady Bunch house renovation series: A Very Brady Renovation brought the house back to its glory days

Soon after HGTV bought the Brady Bunch house, HGTV took us a trip down memory lane with the limited series A Very Brady Renovation which brought together the actors from the popular TV show to renovate their fictional childhood home.

Actors Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady), Barry Williams (Greg Brady), Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady), Christopher Knight (Peter Brady), Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady), Eve Plumb (Jan Brady) joined expert renovators and TV personalities like Jonathan and Drew Scott, Jasmine Roth, Steve Ford, Mina Starsiak, Leanne Ford, and Lara Spencer to breathe new life into the 1959-built home.

the original cast of The Brady Bunch posing in front of the house with the rest of the crew of A Very Brady Renovation
Brady Bunch cast: (left to right) Maureen McCormack / Marsha Brady, Christopher Knight / Peter Brady, Susan Olsen / Cindy Brady, Mike Lookinland / Bobby Brady, Eve Plumb / Jan Brady & Barry Williams / Greg Brady with HGTV stars: Steve Ford, Leanne Ford, Jasimine Roth, Karen E. Laine, Mina Starsiak, Jonathan Scott, Drew Scott, & Lara Spencer in front of the original Brady home in Studio City, CA, as seen on A Very Brady Renovation.

Stepping back in time

If you’re yet to catch the reno series, let me catch you up. Firstly, I can’t stress enough the painstaking detail that went into bringing the original Brady Bunch house back to life in just 307 days. Everything has been recreated down to the finest detail and I mean the absolute finest. 

According to writer Joel Stein (who was lucky enough to get a private tour of the home) even the famous horse statue, found in a Paramount storage facility and promptly mended with a 3D printer, made an appearance.

Meanwhile, other original props from the show were sourced from adoring fans who had acquired them over the years.

The kitchen toaster, the huge stuffed giraffe in the girls’ bedroom, a miniature bust figurine on Mr. and Mrs. Brady’s headboard, and even a set of oversized plastic orange grapes were displayed neatly on the living room coffee table. 

As you’ll see in tour videos available online, the house has also been made to feel lived in. There’s era-appropriate clothing hanging in the bedroom closets, plenty of nostalgic knick-knacks on nightstands, and colorful hairbrushes (I’m guessing ‘Marcia Marcia Marcia’s’) lined up next to the bathroom sink.

As for the kitchen where the Bradys shared their breakfast and their woes every morning before skewl, it stands proud in all of its sage green and tangerine orange glory, with complimenting floral glassware and a fully stocked fridge.

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My favorite detail though? The drawing tools and blueprints placed in Mr. Brady’s office. Speaking of which…

Re-designing 11222 Dilling Street

I know what you’re thinking, from the outside, the Brady House looks like a one-story property. Well, that’s because it is!

Yes, the reno team had to dig down into the foundations and add over 2,000 square feet of space to the back of the property to make that iconic staircase happen. They also had to add a few Plexi glass panels to bring its questionable slatted ’70s design up to code for 2019!

Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott working on the extensive renovation of The Brady Bunch home.
Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott working on the extensive renovation of The Brady Bunch home. Photo credit: HGTV / Discovery

So, whilst the kids’ rooms on set were originally located behind the front door, now, they’re on the second story of the house for real.

As for the rest of the space, amazingly, the team didn’t have any of the original plans so had to design the interiors from images and video of the set.

They even went so far as to sketch the stone entryway by hand and project those sketches onto the wall to make sure each and every stone was the exact same size and color as in the original home!

In 2019, standing outside 11222 Dilling St where a staggering renovation of The Brady Bunch house was now complete, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti officially recognized May 23rd as ‘Brady Bunch day’.

He also renamed the street Clinton Way after the Brady family’s address on the show (though only for the day).

Heartwarmingly, all six actors that played the Brady kids were present for the ribbon-cutting ceremony after having rolled up their sleeves to assist with the renovation itself. Funnily enough, since they shot all their scenes on a set, it was the first time any of them had ever stepped foot inside the house!

Brady Bunch cast: (left to right) Maureen McCormack / Marsha Brady, Christopher Knight / Peter Brady, Susan Olsen / Cindy Brady, Mike Lookinland / Bobby Brady, Eve Plumb / Jan Brady & Barry Williams / Greg Brady in front of the original Brady home
Brady Bunch cast: (left to right) Maureen McCormack / Marsha Brady, Christopher Knight / Peter Brady, Susan Olsen / Cindy Brady, Mike Lookinland / Bobby Brady, Eve Plumb / Jan Brady & Barry Williams / Greg Brady in front of the original Brady home. Photo credit: HGTV / Discovery

The largest audience in HGTV history

According to, A Very Brady Renovation is the highest-rated series in HGTV’s history with 3.36 million people tuning in for the opening episode alone.

Now we know why they practically doubled poor Lance’s bid! 

The Brady Bunch house was recently put up for sale (again)

Back when HGTV bought the classic TV home back in 2018, many people wondered what the TV network was planning to do with the house. The Brady Bunch house renovation series partly answered this question but left fans wondering whether HGTV and Discovery planned on keeping it for future shows.

Well, we now have an answer on the fate of the iconic TV home: the original Brady Bunch house was recently listed for sale again in late May, 2023, with a $5,500,000 asking price. The price amounts to $1,070/sqft, and marks a 191.8% price increase from when it was last listed in 2018, factoring in the extensive renovation and expansion it underwent.

Unsurprisingly, two months later, the property is already under contract. And while we don’t know the final sale price quite yet (nor do we know who the lucky buyer might be), we’ll make sure to update you as soon as the sale goes through and more information becomes available.

How about the house from ‘The Brady Bunch’ movies?

If you’re wondering whether they used the home again for The Brady Bunch Movie in 1995 and A Very Brady Sequel in 1996 (yes, it’s been almost 30 years since they came out… gulp!), on closer inspection you’ll see the movie house is quite different to its ’70s counterpart.

The five-bedroom home is still an absolute dream however and very much exists at 4439 Firment Avenue, Sherman Oaks, California. 

Can I visit The Brady Bunch house?

Yes and no. Whilst you can definitely drive or stroll by the home (making sure not to bother the neighboring residents of course – please remember that this is a private property), it seems there’s no plan to open the renovated Brady Bunch house to the public — and trust me, I’m as sad about that as you are.

That said, back in 2019, HGTV did run A Very Brady Contest, the winners of which won $25,000 and a 6-night stay at the property.

I’m holding out hope for another of these competitions and keeping everything crossed that one day 11222 Dilling Street pops up for rent on Air BnB!

Frequently asked questions

Where is the Brady family house in real life?

The house’s fictional address is 4222 Clinton Way, but the real-life house used for exterior shots of The Brady Bunch home is located at 11222 Dilling St, Studio City in California.

Who owns The Brady Bunch house?

HGTV purchased the original Brady Bunch house back in 2018 for $3.5 million — paying almost double the asking price of $1,885,000. HGTV had quite the competition to beat, as the famous home drew lots of interested buyers, including a bid from former NSYNC band member Lance Bass.

Can I visit The Brady Bunch house?

You can drive by the iconic TV house and admire it from a respectful distance, but you can’t go inside to visit The Brady Bunch house. The property is not open to the public and it doesn’t seem like it will be anytime soon.

What street did The Brady Bunch live on in the show?

The name of the fictional street where the action of The Brady Bunch TV show took place was Clinton Way. Mr. Brady and his three sons lived at 4222 Clinton Way, but the name of the town/city was never specified on the show.

Who bought the renovated Brady house?

In May 2023, HGTV’s parent company (Discovery) listed the renovated Brady Bunch house for $5,500,000 (Danny Brown of Compass held the listing). By late July, the property was already under contract, but no information was made available on the final sale price or the identity of the buyer.

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