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  • The Pocket-Sized Community of Montecito is Home to Some of the Biggest Celebrities (and a Couple of Royals)

    biggest celebrities living in montecito california

    For as long as we can remember, celebrities have been snapping up lavish homes and settling down in places like Beverly Hills, Palm Springs or Malibu. Looking for that perfect combination of privacy, opulent estates, breathtaking views, and proximity to filming locations or performance venues, A-listers have had their pick from some of the most […] More

  • Check Out 10 of the Biggest Celebrities Who Live in Malibu

    10 Celebrities Who Live in Malibu | FPH

    Celebrities have a hard time staying out of the spotlight. Their photos, daily habits, and personal lives are always gracing the pages of gossip magazines, whether they like it or not. And with the so-called paparazzi always lurking, it’s no wonder that Hollywood celebs value privacy above all else when buying homes. For celebrities who […] More