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  • 17 Celebrities with Swanky Summer Homes in the Hamptons

    Celebrities owning houses in the Hamptons

    If you’re an A-lister in New York City, chances are you’ve got a summer home in the Hamptons. The affluent vacation destination that’s just a couple hours outside the Big Apple is home to some of the most famous celebrities on the east coast.  Located on eastern Long Island’s South Fork, the Hamptons is a cluster […] More

  • 14 Biggest celebrities that live in Texas & their impressive homes

    aerial view of Austin, Texas, where many celebrities live

    There’s a rootin’ tootin’ good time happening in Texas. And several celebs have jumped on the saddle and joined the rodeo. From its lower taxes and warm weather to its diverse range of amenities and attractions, many famous people that live in Texas also love its privacy and less intrusive lifestyle. Not to mention, oodles […] More

  • Plush in the Palisades: 5 Celebrities Who Purchased Posh Properties in Pacific Palisades

    Oceanfront homes in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles

    Featured image: Pacific Palisades ocean view homes overlooking Santa Monica Bay in Los Angeles, California – via Shutterstock Given its seclusion and close proximity to Hollywood, Pacific Palisades is a prime location in the Westside region of Los Angeles that many celebrities call home. Known for its small-town feel, close-knit community, sweeping mountain views and […] More

  • What Makes Encino Such a Great Place to Live?

    birds eye view of encino, in the san fernando valley area of los angeles

    Few areas around Los Angeles achieve that small town feel with a slightly urban edge; but the family-friendly Encino excels at that, and word has gotten around. So much so, that even celebrities are now looking to settle down here with their families, snapping up beautiful homes in the area (scroll down for a list […] More

  • Beverly Park, a Privacy Haven for Hollywood’s Biggest Celebrities

    Beverly Park, Los Angeles | Fancy Pants Homes

    Some call it a desperate need for privacy and security. Others call it conscious alienation and paranoia. Whatever the reason, one thing’s clear: the world’s wealthiest all want to live in Beverly Park, Los Angeles’ richest and most exclusive neighborhood.  What exactly is so special about Beverly Park?, you might ask. Don’t feel bad about […] More

  • Everything You Need to Know about Brentwood, One of LA’s Most Glamorous Neighborhoods

    view of Los Angeles from the Getty Center in Brentwood

    Brentwood is one of Los Angeles’ coolest neighborhoods, home to countless movie and music stars, upscale shops, glossy office buildings, and plenty of outdoor entertainment options. It used to be one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets, but celebrities and celebrity scandals ultimately managed to put it under the spotlight.  A short history of Brentwood Located in […] More