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  • The real ‘Full House’ house in San Francisco and where to find it


    The whole world cried in shock when beloved actor and comedian Bob Saget passed away unexpectedly in early 2022. Tributes poured in, and unsurprisingly, most of them were tied to his unforgettable portrayal of the loving father-of-three, Full House‘s Danny Tanner. Saget’s character, with his caring, gentle nature and bottomless sac of good advice stood […] More

  • Hillside House Overlooking San Francisco Looks Like the Perfect Villain Lair

    San Francisco house that looks like the perfect villain lair

    What do all of Hollywood’s nefarious movie villains have in common other than a desire to take over the world? Deviously well-designed and incredibly luxurious homes, of course. From Dr. Strangelove’s War Room to Stavro Blofeld’s Elrod House in Diamonds Are Forever, from Wallace Corporation Headquarters in Blade Runner 2049 to the Vandamm House in […] More

  • You Can Buy the House Where Frank Herbert Wrote ‘Dune’

    The 1965 novel written by Frank Herbert spawned one of the most iconic science fiction media franchises — that’s now back in the limelight thanks to the masterful adaptation by Denis Villeneuve (the award-winning director whose past credits include movies like Arrival, Blade Runner 2049, and Sicario). The book, seen as a triumph of imagination, […] More

  • New Reality Dawns on Bay Area Housing Market in 2020

    san francisco bay area houses

    The Silicon Valley boom paved the way for unprecedented returns for scores of high-tech companies, resulting in a mass influx of highly-skilled professionals to the San Francisco Bay Area. A surge in job creation invariably boosted housing demand across the region. With a limited supply at hand, the prices quickly spiraled out of control, appreciating […] More