Designing ‘The Baxters’ home: A behind-the-scenes look

Production designer Rodrigo Cabral takes us behind the scenes of the new Prime Video series, and tells us all about how the lovely family home of The Baxters came to be.

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Photo credit: Prime Video / Joshua Applegate

Prime Video had a treat in store for fans of author Karen Kingsbury’s work.

It dropped all three seasons of its American faith-based family drama television series, The Baxters on March 28, giving us an extended first look at the lives of the Baxter family — and their vision board-worthy family home, which sets the stage for the drama to unfold from the very first shot.

Based on the bestselling novels by Karen Kingsbury — crowned the Queen of Christian Fiction by The New York Times — the show stars Roma Downey and Ted McGinley as Elizabeth and John Baxter, who navigate the complexities of life with their five adult children.

And since the Baxter family’s home is a key element in grounding the emotional depth of the series, we reached out to the production crew to learn more about how it was brought to life on screen.

The house is a memorable silent character from the very first episode

Although the first season focuses primarily on Kari’s (Ali Cobrin) story, the Baxters’ house takes center stage from the very first scene, when the family converges to celebrate mother Elizabeth Baxter’s (played by Roma Downey) birthday.

A behind-the-scenes shot showing the main characters in the TV series The Baxters gathered around in the backyard, opening presents with the filming cameras in view.
Photo credit: Prime Video / Joshua Applegate

The Baxter residence shines from its very first moment in the spotlight. And that’s not by accident.

Production designer Rodrigo Cabral envisioned a home that mirrors John and Elizabeth’s loving, nurturing nature.

“We wanted their home to radiate warmth and tranquility—a safe haven for the family to gather, heal, and grow,” Cabral tells us.

This vision translated into cozy interiors, balanced spaces, and a decor that promotes comfort and family togetherness, making the house a cornerstone of the show’s narrative.

Design inspirations behind the scenes

The design of the Baxter home reflects the broader experiences of American families, aiming to echo their quest for happiness and balance.

Roma Downey and Ted McGinley in a scene from The Baxters, with the two actors' characters staring lovingly at each other, with Roma holding a tablet in hand.
Photo credit: Prime Video / Joshua Applegate

“The Baxter family is a close representation of so many American families, not only in their interiors but also in their pursuit of happiness and balance,” Rodrigo Cabral shares with Fancy Pants Homes.

“We got inspired by the experiences with real families that have been part of our lives. I had some great chats with the showrunner, directors, and crew about each character’s vibe and inner world, which really helped shape our vision.”

Cabral notes that the set design was influenced by discussions about each character’s inner world and successful elements from other family dramas like This is Us. “Our goal was to create a setting that feels real and informative, yet allows the characters’ stories to unfold naturally,” he explains.

Style elements that define the interiors

When asked about the decor of the Baxters house, Cabral shares that “John and Elizabeth’s house has a traditional decor style that’s classic, warm, comforting and familiar. We used neutral tones, some warm pattern fabrics with traditional antique furniture and a lot of details like plenty of family photos to show their history and connection throughout the years.”

No attention to detail was spared in creating the sets, and special attention was given to elements that reflect the lives, beliefs, and faith of its inhabitants.

Roma Downey and Ted McGinley in a scene from The Baxters, holding each other in a caring embrace, while holding mugs in their hands.
Photo credit: Prime Video / Joshua Applegate

“Some of the antique pieces help reinforce their traditional values by invoking the idea of family history and its importance like little family heirlooms in the background. And these elements are carried around throughout the rest of the house and a bit to Kari’s interior as well.”

A real home in Brentwood was used to film shots of the Baxters’ house

Underscoring the show’s commitment to authenticity, a real house in the family-friendly Los Angeles suburb of Brentwood served as filming location for The Baxters house.

Set in the San Fernando Valley area of LA, Brentwood is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and has hosted other iconic television homes, including Jay and Gloria’s house on Modern Family and the now-iconic Banks mansion from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

This suburb is often chosen for its portrayal of upscale American family life.

The cast of The Baxters in a promotional poster for the series, showing all the leading actors together, smiling, surrounded by nature
Photo credit: Amazon MGM Studios

Key scenes

The Baxter home provides a poignant backdrop for several key family moments. Vibrant Thanksgiving gatherings, reflective Christmas celebrations, and personal crises like Luke’s struggle with faith all take place within this family home.

With three seasons now out — and a fourth one hopefully soon to follow — we’re looking forward to seeing more heartwarming and challenging moments unfold in the loving confines of the Baxter household.

Tv poster for the Prime Video Christian family drama, The Baxters, showing a collage of select scenes from the series.
Photo credit: Amazon MGM Studios

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