A Closer Look at Booth and Brennan’s Two Perfect Family Homes on ‘Bones’

From their beloved Mighty Hut to a brand new mid-century modern home, Booth and Brennan have lived in two of television’s most swoon-worthy family houses.

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TV homes play a far greater role than just providing a background for the show’s key scenes. Particularly in long-running series centered around a family, couple or group of friends, the houses are brought to life on screen, and play a crucial part in the storyline.

Throughout the years, we’ve all fallen in love with a fictional house or two. Be it the sprawling Carrington manor from Dynasty, the picture-perfect homes of Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives, or Charlie’s beach house in Two and A Half Men, there’s something out there for each and every one of us.

But when it comes to TV houses we’d move into in a heartbeat, Brennan and Booth’s family home is always one of the first that springs to mind. And, if you’re wondering whether I’m talking about their first place together or their second, the answer is, greedily, both! 

Because who could resist falling in love with the eternally warm and welcoming interiors of the Mighty Hut, or the arguably more modern and sleek style of their second home in Fairfax? Not me and, since you’re here, I’m guessing not you either! So let’s take a closer look…

Booth and Brennan’s first house, the Mighty Hut

The first time we saw the Mighty Hut way back in season 7, it was gutted, leaking, (partly exploded!), and really not much of a home at all. That said, the moment Brennan uttered the words, “I can see the Bones Booth, the Bones of the house… I can imagine it whole” we all could too. 

“The beams and the doors ways appear to be structurally sound and the proportions are very pleasing… I can imagine it whole.” 

Temperance Brennan, when she first sees what’s soon to become the couple’s new house

So, through some evidently masterful and very quick work from Booth and Wendell — and some TV magic of course — by the very next episode the home was fully renovated, decorated, and stunningly furnished. 

I fell in love with this home within seconds of the pair walking inside clutching a newborn Christine, and who could blame me?! From the dark wood floors and wide-open living spaces to warm, autumnal colored walls and built-in shelving for B&B’s most prized nick-nacks.

It’s a house that’s clearly been built and designed with copious amounts of love and care. A true dream space for any family to call home, and just what all wished for after watching these two finally move in together after seven long years. 

A perfect mix of Brennan and Booth’s individual styles

Brennan’s former uptown apartment was eternally elegant yet-super modern. It boasted exposed brick walls, sleek marble surfaces, polished concrete floors, and trendy statement lighting throughout.

She also had countless ornaments and other objects from her travels on display and used warm paint colors to balance out any hard edges. The latter, especially, are features we eventually see vividly in the pair’s joint home. 

Meanwhile, Booth’s loft was made up of dark wood built-ins, framed black and white photographs, plenty of sports memorabilia, and the most fascinating retro décor items.

Who could forget that display of vintage clocks around the bathroom mirror, his collection of mismatched vintage leather seating, or the large piece of a retired fighter jet mounted on his living room wall? And yes, if you hadn’t noticed, that made it to the mighty hut too! 

Later in the show, the couple moves into a brand new mid-century home

After the events of season nine (don’t worry, no spoilers here!) Brennan takes it upon herself to find the family a brand new home to live in.

And, while we were all a little (a lot) sad to bid farewell to the Mighty Hut, B&B’s new home was still a sight to behold and remains one of the most impressive TV family homes I’ve ever seen on screen. 

Unlike their previous residence, you could definitely argue this house wasn’t quite as cozy.

That said, they more than made up for that fact with those stunning floor-to-ceiling windows, sprawling open-plan living spaces, and infinite open shelving that was perfectly styled with each of their most beloved items.

And, don’t even get me started on how many gorgeous oversized floor rugs were on display throughout their new home! They made their wood floors feel warm and inviting, anchored the furniture in each space, and gave us all a real sense of their combined styles, even if Brennan did design the whole home herself.

If all that wasn’t enough to have you pining for their new residence, I’ll bet the wall-mounted textiles, artworks, chic glass-encased rooms, and central patio/dining area did the trick!

Do Booth and Brennan’s homes exist in real life?

Now for the big question, do these dreamy homes actually exist?

Well, while there’s not much information out there on their exact filming locations, it would appear from set photographs that the houses were built on large sound stages at the 20th Century Fox lot in Century City, Los Angeles.


This filming set was also home to other locations on the show such as the FBI offices and the inside of the Jeffersonian Institute

Sadly, that means visiting either house is out of the question but, happily, there are twelve amazing seasons to re-binge! That means we can swoon over these homes and take inspiration for our own spaces any time we like, and I plan to start (again) right now.

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