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  • Tim Ferriss Reportedly Puts Florida House on the Auction Block; Turns Out He Never Owned a House in Florida

    tim ferris house

    Time for a little weekend fun. Here’s the story: published an article on January 17 titled “Self-Help Guru Tim Ferriss Is Tired of Waiting for a Buyer, Puts Florida Home Up for Auction” (don’t bother looking it up, the article has since been taken down.) In it, reported that productivity maven Timothy Ferriss — […] More

  • Is Mark Bell Prepping his Gorgeous Star Trek Home for Sale?


    For some fans, collecting memorabilia simply isn’t enough. That’s the case of financier and entrepreneur Mark Bell, a die-hard Star Trek fan willing to spend over $1.5 million to turn fiction into reality — and the home theater of his Boca Raton, FL home into the USS Enterprise. For those less versed in the world of […] More