Cool listings: East Sister Rock, a $16.5M miniature private island in the heart of Florida Keys

Georgie Mihaila

East Sister Rock Island,

a miniature private island that doubles as a thriving vacation rental, is on the market for $16,499,999, offering one lucky buyer the rare opportunity to own a secluded retreat in the Florida Keys.

This 1.4-acre island is a mere quarter-mile from Marathon, Florida,

and is accessible only by boat or helicopter.

The island’s history is as unique as its location. Built in the 1970s, before the implementation of stricter environmental laws, the island was created for a New Jersey gastroenterologist, Klaus Meckler.


Its structure, a concrete home resting on 75 pillars drilled into coral rock and elevated on a 15-foot high plateau, showcases both engineering ingenuity and a deep respect for the surrounding natural beauty.

The 2,304-square-foot main residence,

complemented by a detached guest house, features three bedrooms and two bathrooms — and has been operating as a popular vacation rental in recent years.

Guests have consistently rated their stays as exceptional, highlighting the island’s tranquility, seclusion, and the main house's cozy interiors. 

Notable for its luxurious amenities, East Sister Rock Island boasts an outdoor pool, a helicopter pad, and a dock, catering to various modes of transportation and leisure activities.

To take a closer look at Easter Sister Rock Island, a $16.5M gem in the heart of the Florida Keys