Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s $60M mansion was inspired by Marie Antoinette’s ‘Le Petit Trianon’

Get ready to swoon because Bennifer has found the perfect love nest after two years of house-hunting. A $60 million Beverly Hills mansion that’s straight out of a royal fantasy! Inspired by Marie Antoinette’s ‘Le Petit Trianon’, this stunning home showcases French Neoclassical design, sprawling acreage, and an endless list of modern luxuries.

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, aka Bennifer, have finally found their perfect love nest — one that’s modeled after a famous queen’s lavish chateau.

It may have taken them two years and three failed escrows but the wait paid off because this mansion is the ultimate luxury home for the power couple.

Many were confused over the stars’ indecision to commit to buying a property. With an unlimited budget at their disposal, it was a little out of the ordinary that these A-listers kept changing their minds.

According to reports, the two looked at mansions in the range of $35 to as high as $85 million in the most exclusive neighborhoods. But none of them quite passed the mark, leading people to believe that there was trouble in paradise. Or are they just really picky?

All doubts were cast aside when the lovebirds set their eyes on this mansion. They instantly fell in love with the property! They paid $61 million in cold cash and the deal took just one week to close, per TMZ

What’s not to love? This stunning mansion is inspired by one of the most iconic chateaus in history.

The mansion was modeled after Marie Antoinette’s chateau, Le Petit Trianon

Dubbed the Wallingford Estate, the Beverly Hills abode features French-style architecture that was originally modeled after Marie Antoinette’s private chateau, Le Petit Trianon.

Aerial view of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's house in Beverly Hills, a two-story mansion with French-inspired architecture modeled after Le Petit Trianon. Photo credit: Youtube
Aerial view of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s house in Beverly Hills, modeled after Le Petit Trianon. Photo credit: Youtube

The queen’s manor, located on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles, was a gift from her husband, King Louis XVI.

Known for her love for all things opulent, Marie Antoinette adored her private estate. It served as a place of refuge, where the queen staged operas, productions, and lavish parties.

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The Wallingford’s exterior features stately columns, large windows, and a rectangular shape that echoes the iconic design of Le Petit Trianon.

While the interiors have been modernized with state-of-the-art technology and contemporary furniture, it still retains its French Neoclassic ambiance.

Ben and J.Lo’s house has 12 bedrooms and 24 bathrooms

Situated on a 5.2-acre lot, the megamansion boasts a total of 12 bedrooms and 24 bathrooms across an impressive 38,000 square feet of indoor living space — providing plenty of living space for Ben and Jen’s blended family.

You can take a closer look inside Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s new mansion here (swipe to see the revamped interiors):

The couple are co-parenting peacefully with their exes (Jennifer Gardner and Marc Anthony) and share five children between them.

There won’t be any shortage of space for their big family in this huge mansion!

Like its sprawling grounds, everything about this house is grand. The double-door entryway opens to an expansive living room with double-height ceilings and large skylights that make the space even more massive.

White walls with frame molding display sophistication, while large windows allow plenty of natural light to brighten up every corner of the open floor space.

JLo previously shared a glimpse of the mansion’s downstairs area on Instagram while celebrating the success of Mother with her friends. Walking from the stairs to the bar, fans got a view of the gorgeous interiors of the ground floor.

Another highlight of this property is its secured grounds — a top requirement among high-profile celebrities. The mansion is surrounded by tall hedges and comes fully fenced with secured entrance and exit gates from two different private streets.

This design layout safeguards the often-photographed couple from prying eyes and paparazzi. And we know all too well how much Ben Affleck ‘loves’ paparazzi, don’t we?

Recreational amenities include a 155-foot-long infinity pool, a home theater, spa areas, a full-service salon, and a sports complex complete with a basketball court, a pickleball court, a fully equipped gym, and a boxing ring.

Visitors can also enjoy a slice of luxury living in the 5,000-square-foot guest penthouse. This structure also houses the garage area, which is large enough to fit 90 cars!

It’s one of the most luxurious homes in all of Beverly Hills

Fitting for one of Hollywood’s most famous couples, Ben and Jennifer’s new house is one of the city’s most impressive mansions and was once one of L.A.’s priciest listings.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's house in Los Angeles, with the pool in front. The pool itself is said to be the biggest zero-edge pool in all of Beverly Hills.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s house in Los Angeles, with the pool in front. The pool itself is said to be the biggest zero-edge pool in all of Beverly Hills. Photo credit: Youtube

Sitting mere minutes away from the Beverly Hills Hotel in the gated Wallingford Estates community. It had previously been owned by healthcare entrepreneur Jeoung Lee before real estate mogul Gala Asher picked it up for $22 million back in 2016.

What followed was an extensive renovation that brought the sprawling mansion into the 21st century. Asher then sought to capitalize on his big investments in the property by listing it for a whopping $135 million in 2018.

With no takers, a series of price adjustments followed, until the famous couple finally took it off the market in 2023. The final sale price was $60,850,000 — which amounts to $1,601/sqft.

The moral of Ben and Jen’s house-hunting saga? Patience pays off. By holding off on their purchase, they were able to find a perfect palace to call their home. A happily-ever-after ending for a Hollywood royal couple.

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