YouTube star FaZe Rug lives in a lavish $4.4M mansion in Poway, CA

In January 2022, FaZe Rug shelled out $4.4 million for a luxurious estate in the private gated community of The Heritage in Poway, one of the most popular suburbs around San Diego.

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Image credit: YouTube

FaZe Clan co-owner and uber-successful Youtuber Brian Rafat Awadis, better known as FaZe Rug, is moving up in the world. Or rather, moving out.

Known for his engaging content that spans from pranks to heartfelt vlogs, the YouTube phenomenon — who has a massive following of over 25 million subscribers — set up residence in a ritzy $4.4 million mansion located in Poway, California, a suburb of San Diego.

The purchase came after a stressful time that saw the Youtuber move back in with his parents due to the pressures of his growing fame, seeking comfort during a challenging time.

Now in a much better mental space, the successful content creator is enjoying life in his lavish new digs, often sharing clips filmed inside his two-story mansion. He’s even given his fans a full tour of the sprawling abode, and his followers had nothing but words of support and admiration.

And if one of his hit videos got you wondering where FaZe Rug lives, we have the scoop on the YouTube creator’s impressive Cali home.

Purchased in 2022 for $4.4M

the facade of the house, a two-story mansion with white exteriors and tiled roof, with a water fountain in the courtyard in front
Image credit: YouTube

In January 2022, FaZe Rug shelled out $4.4 million for a luxurious estate in the private gated community of The Heritage in Poway, one of the most popular suburbs around San Diego.

Sitting on a 1.04-acre lot, the 6,714-square-foot home is not the only structure on the property. There’s also an attached guest house, a gazebo, and a private sports court, with a total of 10 parking spaces.

The purchase marked a significant upgrade from his previous living arrangements, signaling a fresh start for the content creator. Prior to this, Rug had opened up about the decision to move back in with his parents for a while due to the pressures of his growing fame.

Property specs & amenities

Faze Rug touring the kitchen of his house with black cabinets, a double oven and stove, and a stove hood above
Image credit: YouTube

FaZe Rug’s mansion spans a total of 6,714 square feet, featuring seven bedrooms, six full bathrooms, and one half bathroom.

The property, built in 2017, boasts modern amenities and sophisticated architecture that includes Mediterranean and Spanish influences. Highlights of the home include two grand staircases, a fully equipped open-concept kitchen, and a family room that seamlessly transitions into a stunning outdoor living space.

Beyond the basics: Plenty of unique features

What sets FaZe Rug’s house apart are its many playful, unique features, fully displayed during the video tour the Youtuber recorded for his fans.

A wall made entirely of LEGO bricks not only dazzles but hides miniature-themed rooms, providing quirky surprises that echo Rug’s creative and fun-loving personality.

Miniature-themed rooms inside an intricate LEGO wall
Image credit: YouTube

These rooms feature everything from a LEGO spaceship to a tiny treasure trove, making them a hit not just in person but also as fun spots during his video tours.

It has a grand double staircase

Entering Rug’s mansion, you’re greeted by a grand double staircase reminiscent of a scene straight out of “Dynasty.”

ultra-luxurious double grand staircase with carpeted stairs and wrought iron railings
Image credit: YouTube

This opulent entryway, complete with a sparkling chandelier and modern, airy aesthetics, sets the stage for the rest of the home’s lavish elements. It’s this kind of dramatic flair that gives the house its soap opera-worthy feel — luxurious, inviting, and just a tad over the top.

“The best backyard in the entire world”

FaZe Rug’s mansion is not just impressive on the inside; the outdoor amenities turn his backyard into a true entertainment paradise, making it perfect for both relaxation and hosting epic gatherings — not to mention shooting wildly creative videos.

The centerpiece is a large swimming pool with an integrated spa, perfect for cooling off or enjoying a soak under the California sun. Surrounding this is a luxurious patio area equipped with comfortable seating and an outdoor fireplace, and there’s also a private sports court and a mini golf course complete with a sandpit.

Faze Rug sitting in his backyard, showing viewers his pool area with the mountains in the background.
Image credit: YouTube

The backyard — which FaZe calls “the best backyard in the entire world — also comes with a full-scale outdoor kitchen, a pizza oven, and multiple fire pits. With breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains as a backdrop, the backyard offers not just fun and games but also a peaceful escape.

Fans were swept away by FaZe Rug’s house

When FaZe Rug shared his new home with his YouTube audience, the reactions were overwhelmingly positive.

The living room sofa, with the kitchen and dining area in the background
Image credit: YouTube

Fans praised not only the house’s beauty and FaZe Rug’s taste but also the inspirational aspect of his success. Comments ranged from excitement about future content filmed in the home to personal messages of congratulations, emphasizing how Rug’s journey has motivated others to pursue their dreams.

“Congrats Rug, you deserve this dream house can’t wait to see your future vids at this house you bloody legend love your vids you deserve this house more than anything,” one fan shared.

“This is what happens when you’re humble and filled with gratitude! Stay you always Rug!” another chimed in.

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Netizens who’ve been following FaZe’s content since he first started out have expressed joy for the content creator’s success: “I have literally watched you grow up thru YouTube, this is nuts! Your home is so beautiful!!!! Congratulations Rug, for anyone dreaming big, you will do it. If you’re thinking about it, Just do it! Don’t worry about what anyone thinks, just worry about you and the ones who support you Let’s get it”

The new house’s resemblance to his former digs didn’t go unnoticed

Faze Rug explaining something to the camera with a big art piece behind him.
Image credit: YouTube

Other fans were quick to point out the house’s resemblance with FaZe Rug’s parents’ house:

“Can we just talk about how the layout of this house is so similar to his parents house?!!! Maybe that’s what makes it feel so homey. Congrats rug it’s well deserved” one fan noted, with another echoing his observation: “It feels homie because the entrance looks like your parents’ house haha. Congrats,” @therealwaseem said.

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