Benny Blanco’s house tour highlights: Art, fake money bags, and a velvety touch in every room

There were so many things to love about Benny Blanco's house tour, from the house itself to the funny way he presents each treasured possession. Here are some of the things that stuck with us the most.

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Image credit: Youtube / Architectural Digest

Record producer and songwriter Benny Blanco, the man behind hits like Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s Señorita, Selena Gomez’s Single Soon, SZA’s Nobody Gets Me, or Justin Bieber’s Lonely gave us a peek inside his cozy-yet-impressive Los Angeles home.

Blanco (by his real name Benjamin Joseph Levin) lives in a vine-covered 1939-built estate located above the iconic Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. He bought the property in January 2020 from Tinder co-founder Sean Rad, paying nearly $9.2 million for the 1930s estate.

Spanning approximately 5,000 square feet, the property features four bedrooms, a detached guest studio, and lush gardens shrouded in privacy by tall hedges and gates. The main house, a vine-covered traditional estate, boasts formal living spaces, a large chef’s kitchen, and a wine cellar.

Luckily, we all got a good look at them as Benny invited the Architectural Digest crew in for a full house tour, giving us an ample look at the spaces where he relaxes, creates, and entertains. And we were taken aback by the impressive abode, which easily rivals the Encino mansion his girlfriend Selena Gomez calls home.

From a custom-designed couch perfect for listening to music to art pieces that spark creativity, Benny Blanco’s home is a wonderland of fun, art, and comfort, reflecting his personality in every corner.

Here are eleven of the most bonkers and beloved elements that caught our eye during the house tour:

#1 The ultimate couch for deep music dives

inside Benny Blanco's "listening room", anchored by a large green velvet couch with floral pattens, sitting across the room from two vintage speakers.
Image credit: YouTube / Architectural Digest

Benny’s living room is home to a massive couch where you can “fully submerge yourself and sink into the moment.”

Ideal for music sessions, it’s paired with vintage speakers from the legendary ’70s club, The Loft, so that Blanco and up to 14 friends can enjoy the experience in what he calls his “listening room”.

#2 The Onyx dream box

large Onyx box that lits up yellow, with record players sitting on top of it
Image credit: YouTube / Architectural Digest

In a stroke of midnight creativity, Blanco once dreamed of a giant onyx box glowing in the dark. This vision didn’t just stay a dream — now it’s a real, magnificent centerpiece in his home.

Blanco commissioned a massive onyx box, illuminated from within, and the mystical piece now serves as a focal point in his living room, casting a soft glow that’s perfect for rainy-day introspection and tunes.

#3 The museum-worthy dining room

Formal dining room with tufted dark red velvet chairs, and oval dining table, and a crystal chandelier hanging above.
Image credit: YouTube / Architectural Digest

Blanco’s dining room is a no-go zone, much like those perfectly preserved rooms at your grandma’s house that you were never allowed to enter. It’s complete with a wood-made sculpture mistaken for a bag of money and a chair made out of bread — yes, bread!

As Blanco puts it, this room is like “the couch with the laminate” at grandma’s: look, but don’t touch.

#4 The powerful pieces of art that line the walls of Benny’s house

Benny Blanco wearing a light pink outfit looking at a piece of abstract art hung on the walls of his home, with potted plants visible in the background.
Image credit: YouTube / Architectural Digest

His home doubles as a private gallery with artworks that ooze energy. Valuable pieces by Picasso and Martin Wong live alongside DIY sculptures and installations, creating an eclectic mix that fuels Blanco’s creative spirit.

“I just feel like there’s so much energy in this room,” he remarks, showing that for him, each piece isn’t just decor but a source of inspiration and emotional power.

#5 The candy bar movie theater

candy bar with many dispensers and jars full of colorful candy
Image credit: YouTube / Architectural Digest

Transforming a guesthouse into a movie theater is cool, but adding a candy bar straight out of a child’s sweetest dreams? That’s next level. The room, inspired by Parisian aesthetics, is lined with velvet and offers a cinematic experience that’s both sumptuous and fun.

#6 A kitchen that fits 50

Large white kitchen anchored by a massive marble kitchen island, and featuring gold access in the light fixtures and cabinets, with a plant in the middle of the island.
Image credit: YouTube / Architectural Digest

Blanco’s kitchen is not just for cooking; it’s the heart of the house where everyone gathers. “The room we spend the most amount of time in,” says Blanco about his bright, marble-filled kitchen, which is the perfect spot for his infamous foodie gatherings.

With a large, functional island and an open layout, it’s designed to host friends and family, reinforcing Blanco’s role as the ultimate host.

#7 The lush outdoor dining oasis

vegetable garden with a vine-covered guest house in the back
Image credit: YouTube / Architectural Digest

Blanco’s backyard transforms into a lush dining paradise, complete with a custom pizza oven and surrounded by greenery, making every meal feel like a mini escape to nature. It’s the ultimate spot for alfresco dining, whether it’s a sunny brunch or a starlit dinner.

The songwriter has even started his own organic vegetable garden, and shares his produce with the less fortunate, giving it away to food banks.

#8 A baby pool for adults

Benny Blanco next to his pool, gesticulating, with the pool, spa, and lounging chairs in view.
Image credit: YouTube / Architectural Digest

Blanco loves his pool heated to “baby pool temperature,” perfect for lounging for hours. It’s part of a backyard that features a seamless flow from pool to jacuzzi to sauna — ideal for endless entertainment.

In Benny’s words, his pool is heated to “just filled with piss” baby pool warmth, which might sound odd but is utterly blissful for long lounging sessions.

#9 The color-changing closet

the color-changing closet set to pink hues, with open shoe and clothes cabinets in view, surrounded by mirrors and with a large crystals chandelier in the middle.
Image credit: YouTube / Architectural Digest

In Benny’s world, even the closet carpet and cabinetry can change color to match his daily outfit. “So I happen to be wearing pink today, so we went with the pink room,” he tells the AD crew.

This fashion-forward space is where comfort meets style, literally — a soft carpet that invites guests to linger and relax. “People come in here and we kind of just, like, will drink and hang out, ’cause it’s the softest carpet.”

#10 A velvety touch in every room

living room with a painting, a large sofa full of colorful plushies, and white furniture covering one wall.
Image credit: YouTube / Architectural Digest

From the oversized sectional in the TV room to the tufted walls of the home theater, velvet is a recurring theme in Blanco’s home. This fabric choice underscores his desire for a home that’s not just seen but felt, enveloping everyone in comfort.

#11 The not-so-real money bag

wooden sculpture that resembles a colorful grocery story bag full of money
Image credit: YouTube / Architectural Digest

Tucked away in the rarely used dining room is a sculpture that looks exactly like a bag of money but is actually cleverly crafted from wood. It’s a playful nod to Benny’s whimsical side and a fantastic conversation starter.

There were so many things to love about Benny Blanco’s house tour, from the house itself to the funny way he presents each treasured possession — to his own quirky style and expressions — but these are some of the things that stuck with us.

What caught your eye?

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