What Does Your Home Say About Your Personality? 5 Common Telling Signs

Flavia Medrut
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Yes, your home tells your story and yes, it has a lot to say about your personality.

Now that we’ve gotten that one out of the way, let’s also jump past common situations like I live in a rental or I still live with my parents. Even if you haven’t gotten a chance to decorate your own dream home yet, there are still many aspects in your current home that make it yours.

Are you a neat freak or the type that finds order in chaos? Either way, without going into detail, your home is a quick tell of whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert. Customize and personalize your home so it will tell the truth about you. Write your own story before others do.

Let’s see some of the major telling signs of personality traits your home is sending out. 

Your overall messiness or cleanliness

A lot of studies point to messy people being more likely to be creative. It appears that they can come up with better ideas in a messy environment. Obviously people can also assume you’re just lazy…. it depends on who’s judging.

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On the flip-side, if you’re obsessed with cleanliness, empty counters and organizing everything around the house, you’re likely to be a Type A personality.

This means you’re outgoing, organized, love a seamless appearance and prefer aesthetic to function.

Experts have also taken their research up a notch and found that orderly people have the messiest sock drawers. The explanation for this would be that they are more concerned with prioritizing and organizing more important parts of their lives. Well… nobody’s perfect. 😅

The plain truth is that most of us can’t keep our houses spotless all the time.

But if you are one of the rare few with no hidden messes, you may be a fairly more anxious person trying your best to control everything in your environment.

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The color palette you choose

As you probably know already, colors have particular connotations and they can tell a great deal about your personality.

The colors you choose for your walls, furniture or other decorations will set the mood inside your home and can show others if you’re a fiery or more of a laid-back person.

Or let’s oversimplify nicely: gold belongs to the luxurious one; red is associated with passion; green is mostly chosen by adventurous people who love nature; yellow shows positivity and optimism; blue is for the chilled one; black belongs to the deep thinker; pink is mostly chosen by joyful and loving people, purple by daring ones and so on.

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Apparently, choosing a neutral palette means that you are a peacemaker, but white in particular says that you are a confident person. Who knew?  

Window treatments and decorations

This is a good one! You’ve definitely passed by a house with long drapes and blinds that are always shut.

You instantly know that the person who lives there is not that chatty and wants to be left alone. They’re the ones most likely to say “I’m not buying anything, go away!”

On the other hand, if you choose window treatments in light or bright colors, you may be a joyful person who loves natural light and open spaces.

Displaying some pretty flower arrangements in your window will not only show that you’re a happy person, but also that you’re willing to share your happiness.

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Extra seating

If you have more than enough stand-alone chairs, couches, bean bags and so on, you’re most likely a social person that loves having people over as often as possible.

You clearly love entertaining and care about your guests’ comfort.

Introverts have the tendency to have less seating places. Their home is their sacred shelter, it’s intimate and it’s usually designed to fit their needs.

Art display and accessories

Art décor and accessories can tell stories about our lives — they talk about places we’ve been, things we like to do and showcase our passion for art.

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

You know your host is an art lover or an artist when there are paintings and interesting sculptures all over the place. People can easily draw the conclusion that you’re a family person if you display lots of pictures with your family members.

Also, if you love decorative decanters, candles and untouched fine china, you’re probably very ambitious and you know that small things make a big impression.

Whether you’re a collector or you simply like showing others what you’re interested in, accessories are a great way to add uniqueness to your home.

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