How Much Do Modern Prefab Homes Cost?

Building a prefab home is no doubt a cost-effective way to put a permanent roof over your head. But just how cost-effective? And what are some other costs you should know about? Let’s find out.

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If you happen to be on the market for your first, second, or even third home, and are not too keen on taking out a 30-year house mortgage from a bank, then a prefabricated home may be a good option for you.

Actually, an article on How Stuff Works pointed out that prefab homes have been a great housing on a budget strategy since the early 1900s, costing on average 20-40% less than traditional stick-built, architect designed homes.

What are prefab homes?

Essentially, prefab housing is a system where a house is pre-manufactured in parts off-site (usually in a factory) and then delivered, also in parts, on a building site to be put together by a handful of people, skilled in building a home.

Imagine getting a box from Ikea and getting ready to assemble a book cabinet or a table, only this one will have thousands more building pieces — and considerably heavier and more complex. But that’s still a house in a box! 

In addition to their affordability, energy efficiency and speedy construction, prefab homes have also been adapted over the years to meet the architectural designs of more current times.

Prefab home manufacturers constantly implement the latest innovations into their designs for that high-end, updated, modern look within a sustainable, purposeful living space and all around zen.

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So how much does a modern prefab cost?

According to the guys at Stillwater Dwelling, the average total project price for prefab homes range from $350 to $450/sq. foot.

This is a national average. Needless to say, the site conditions (location, topography, soil conditions, etc.) and choice of finish will impact the total project cost.

There are wide options of finishes depending on your personal taste and how much you are willing to invest in a place you will soon call your home.

For a better understanding of the costs you’d be looking at, Tough Nickel has listed a few sample prefab homes and unit prices, ranging from $75,000 as one of the cheapest to $566,000 as some of the priciest.

The biggest con amidst all these pros however is that you have to own the land you build your prefab house on. This means on top of the price of your home kit, you will have to buy the land.

The cost of getting the land home-ready, e.g. power and water installation, are also at your expense.

Photo by Kristin Ellis on Unsplash

Other costs you should factor in

According to SmartAsset, you would most likely need to shoulder cost for inspections, permits and soil testing on the land. This can all easily add up and therefore needs to be factored in beforehand. Like everything else in life, good planning can make a world of a difference.

Overall, building a modern prefabricated home is no doubt a cost-effective way to put a permanent roof over your head.

You just have to take your time and do your research, discuss your ideas extensively with every manufacturer you are considering, and take full charge of the construction of your own home. Happy building!

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