Floor-to-Ceiling Windows — The ultimate trend in window architecture

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In terms of window architecture, floor-to-ceiling windows are now the go-to choice for homeowners and property developers looking to land that million-dollar look.

Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the room with daylight and make it appear visually larger — while opening the home to the outdoor spaces, mimicking the Cali indoor-outdoor living vibe.

And while floor-to-ceiling windows have been a huge hit for years, real estate series like Selling Sunset have brought them back into the limelight, with homeowners looking to replicate the bright and airy feel of million-dollar homes featured on the hit reality show.

Especially since they are a relatively inexpensive way to give your apartment or house a very special touch.

This is partly because they let in a lot of natural daylight and partly because certain types of floor-to-ceiling windows are relatively inexpensive — for the value they bring — and yet very well insulated. However, they come with a very wide range of design options, and we’re here to walk you through some of your options.

Can I install a floor-to-ceiling window in my house?

In principle, floor-to-ceiling windows can be installed anywhere where the structure allows it.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new build or an old building.

However, the costs for such a construction project need to be examined individually in existing properties, as additional costs may arise, for example, if ceiling-supporting measures are necessary. Therefore, you should definitely have your construction project checked by a structural engineer first.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages?

The greatest advantage is certainly the ability to flood the home with natural light.

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However, it is advisable to ensure that privacy protection is installed for particularly sunny days or evenings that can be used when necessary.

The large, see-through glass surfaces bring the outdoors in and have the ability to make your interior space appear visually larger. Especially in summer, large sliding doors will make the transition to the terrace appear seamless, creating a kind of indoor-outdoor feeling that is indescribably beautiful.

This turns the terrace into an extended living room.

In winter, particularly large windows that can be opened have the advantage that they allow for particularly effective cross-ventilation. Open the window wide for a few minutes, and the whole space will get aired out. And this is done without losing much of the heat stored in the inner walls of the house.

In addition, large windows let in warm sunlight at low outside temperatures, providing a little support for your heating and thus allowing you to reduce heating costs slightly.

When choosing a floor-to-ceiling window, make sure that the window has a good thermal insulation coefficient to be protected against outside temperatures in summer and winter.

» Note: Floor-to-ceiling windows are also particularly popular in upper floors. If you are pursuing such a construction project, it is mandatory to install fall protection and use laminated safety glass.

What types of floor-to-ceiling windows are there, and where can I buy them?

You can let your imagination run wild here. Whether arched windows, floor-to-ceiling windows that are divided in two, tiltable or non-tiltable windows in all widths and heights – anything is possible.

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Besides the shape, the equipment of the windows also plays a big role. Here it is recommended to invest in a well-insulated window-frame construction. The relatively small additional acquisition costs quickly pay for themselves through the heating costs saved.

» Tip: The best price-performance ratio is achieved with plastic windows. As long as the design of your desired window allows it, you will get a durable and robust product with a plastic window that will flood your home with natural light for many years.

In addition, modern plastic windows are recyclable and can be returned to the production cycle after their service life.

Nowadays, it is possible to buy floor-to-ceiling windows online. Take advantage of the opportunity to order directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries.

This way, you always get the lowest price. The manufacturer’s dealer network can usually be found on the producer’s website, so you can get advice from a professional nearby. Especially when it comes to the order dimensions and specifications of the window, as a layperson, it is better to play it safe.

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