Cher’s ‘Clueless’ house isn’t even in Beverly Hills, it’s in the Valley

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Photo credit: IMDB

Ready for a nostalgia-filled jaunt back to the ’90s, complete with plaid miniskirts and oversized cell phones?

This time, we’re diving into something a tad more tangible than Cher Horowitz’s enviable wardrobe: her iconic Beverly Hills mansion. Or so we thought.

Buckle up, because we’re about to spill the tea on the real location of Cher’s Beverly Hills mansion – and trust us, Alicia Silverstone’s character would definitely not be on board with the address.

The house that fooled us all

Picture this: the sprawling, sun-kissed mansion where Cher and Josh shared that oh-so-sweet kiss. The kitchen where a clueless Cher attempted to bake, and the lavish pool where the gang chilled to Kids In America.

Feels like a page taken straight out of the Beverly Hills, 90210 handbook, right? Plot twist: the real deal is nestled not in the hills of Beverly but in the Valley!

Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz and Paul Rudd as Josh in a Clueless scene taking place at the top of the winding staircase
Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz and Paul Rudd as Josh in a Clueless scene taking place on the winding staircase. Photo credit: IMDB

That’s right, Cher’s house is actually in Encino, in the San Fernando Valley.

But here’s the kicker: the Encino location, a suburban neighborhood, is quite the departure from the Beverly Hills glam portrayed in the movie.

Not only that, but Cher would have HATED being called a Valley Girl (a term that we owe to musician Frank Zappa, btw).

Photo credit: IMDB

In the 1995 movie, the San Fernando Valley is mentioned and featured in a few scenes, notably when Cher is robbed at gunpoint in a parking lot after mistakenly driving onto the freeway, leading to a very stressful situation for her.

This scene is one of the few direct interactions Cher has with the Valley, showcasing her sheltered Beverly Hills life clashing with the broader Los Angeles area.

The real-life ‘Clueless’ house in Encino

So first, let’s get something out of the way: while Hollywood movies have long used the San Fernando Valley / Beverly Hills divide to highlight the social and geographical contrasts within the city (first example that comes to mind is Karate Kid and the new Cobra Kai sequel series), Encino is actually a very sought-after and safe neighborhood.

In fact, the median sale price for Encino homes in early 2024 stands at a hefty $1,900,000.

While that’s considerably less than what Beverly Hills homes sell for (the median sale price for the ritzy, star-studded neighborhood is $3.7M), houses in Encino are notoriously luxurious — with significantly more square footage than their counterparts in the Hills.

And Cher’s Clueless house is no exception.

Streetview image of the Clueless house located at 5148 Louise Ave in Encino, CA, a luxury suburban home with white exteriors and a tall gate
Streetview image of the Clueless house located at 5148 Louise Ave in Encino, CA. Image credit: Google Maps

This 9,441-square-foot behemoth boasts 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, and commands yearly property taxes north of $40k. Built in 1993, just a hop and a skip before Clueless hit the big screen, its fresh design had us all green with envy.

However, it’s worth noting that scenes taking place inside the house were filmed elsewhere, on a soundstage.

The house, sitting pretty at 5148 Louise Ave on a 2-acre lot, hasn’t switched hands since it was built back in 1993. The last publicly recorded sale was a land transaction in 1980 for $680,000.

Fast forward to today, and the house is pegged at a cool $7 million. Not too shabby, huh? But, surprisingly, it’s considerably cheaper than the next Clueless house on our list.

Dionne’s real Beverly Hills digs

Now, let’s dish about Dionne’s house. Unlike Cher’s Encino residence, Dionne’s Tudor-style mansion truly sits in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Boasting similar specs to Cher’s house but with a Beverly Hills zip code, this property screams luxury — and is considerably more expensive than the Horowitz residence.

The Tudor-style house at 705 N Sierra Dr in Beverly Hills, which played the part of Dionne's house in Clueless.
The house at 705 N Sierra Dr in Beverly Hills, which played the part of Dionne’s house in Clueless. The property currently sitting on this lot looks very different today. Photo credit: Google Maps

Last sold in 2008 for over $10 million, its current value hovers around $17 million – making it way pricier than Cher’s home.

But it’s also worth noting that the house that sits on the lot today is completely different from the Tudor-style home that graced our screens three decades ago.

Property records show that the house at 705 N Sierra Dr in Beverly Hills sold twice since the movie’s 1995 debut: once in 1998, when it commanded a $3,350,030 sale price, and then again in 2008, when it sold for three times that amount, $10,650,000. So it does look like in between these two owners, a new house was built on the 0.51-acre lot.

Other real ‘Clueless’ filming locations

Our Clueless journey doesn’t end at Cher and Dionne’s doorstep.

Remember the fictional Bronson Alcott High? Those scenes came to life at Occidental College and Ulysses S. Grant High School.

And who could forget the Westside Pavilion mall escapades or the mugging at Circus Liquor? Not to mention Cher’s post-failed driver’s test meltdown on Rodeo Drive.

Los Angeles served as the ultimate backdrop, bringing the Clueless universe to life with its diverse filming locations.

And the most unique of them was surely the famous Spadena House — also known as the Witch’s house in Beverly Hills — a unique storybook home that was only featured on-screen for a few seconds, but that captivated movie fans for years after.

Cher walking past the unique storybook house known as The Spadena House
The unique storybook house known as The Spadena House also made an appearance in the 1995 classic. Photo credit: IMDB

The Beverly Hills illusion

So, what’s the takeaway from our stroll down Clueless lane? First, it’s that movie magic can transform any location into a narrative’s heart and soul. Cher’s “Beverly Hills” mansion, firmly rooted in Encino, serves as a perfect example.

As we celebrate nearly three decades since Clueless graced our screens, let’s remember the film for what it truly offered: a comedic, stylish, and somewhat educational tour of Los Angeles’ diverse neighborhoods.

In the end, Cher’s house, much like the film itself, remains a beloved piece of ’90s pop culture. Its real-life Encino location only adds to the charm and intrigue of the “Clueless” legacy.

As for us? We’re totally buggin’ over the fact that movie magic can make us believe anything – even that Cher’s mansion was actually in Beverly Hills.

It wouldn’t be the first time tough. We also long thought that the Fresh Prince house is actually in Bel Air (spoiler, it’s not!).

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