Hunting for Headland House: The modern coastal mansion from ‘The Invisible Man’

After Cecilia’s abusive ex-boyfriend Adrian takes his own life, everybody believes it but her. Suspecting he’s still alive, somehow invisible, and using his scientific genius to stalk her, she risks everything to prove it. Mystery, horror, and lethal drama ensues in one of the most iconic on-screen houses of the decade!

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The Headland House (also known as Dovecoat) where The Invisible Man was filmed. Image credit: / YouTube

A couple of years ago, after reading countless rave reviews, I headed to my local movie theatre to watch The Invisible Man starring Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale, Mad Men) and Oliver Jackson-Cohen (The Haunting Of Hill House, The Lost Daughter). 

Within seconds, literally seconds, I was completely and utterly captivated.

In all my years of watching movies, and I’ve seen a lot of movies, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite as staggering, as wonderfully creative, or as instantly unforgettable as… that phenomenal house!

Don’t get me wrong, the acting, the script, and the action sequences are all pretty fantastic too.

But those sleek black modern exteriors, sprawling open floor plan, and panoramic sea views were so tantalizingly chic! I turned the brightness down on my phone and tried secretly googling the whereabouts of the house right then and there. 

Spoiler alert: I found it, it’s real, and you can even stay there if you want to…

Where did they film ‘The Invisible Man’?

Unlike the original 1933 movie, which was filmed on a series of sets in Universal Studios, California, the 2020 adaptation of The Invisible Man was shot almost entirely in and around Sydney, Australia. Not San Francisco where the movie is set. 

The most recognizable locations include Kiama, Potts Point, Barangaroo, and the iconic, Martin Place shopping mall in the heart of Sydney’s central business district.

According to, so many extras were hired to shoot scenes at Martin place it required the shut-down of an entire block!

Is ‘The Invisible Man’ house real?

Yes! Though you might be surprised to learn that Adrian and Cecilia’s house is actually made up of two different properties.

The first, used for a large number of the interior scenes, is Pebble Cove Farm, while the sleek Headland House (also known as Dovecoat) was used for exterior shots showing the ultra-contemporary residence.

Pebble Cove Farm is an extraordinary build commissioned for a private residence in 2001.

Left unfinished by 2009 due to the financial crisis, this iconic oceanfront property was happily purchased for $7.5 million in 2015. The current owners then paid to finish the build. 

Pebble Cove Farm, one of the two extraordinary houses used as filming locations for The Invisible Man.
Pebble Cove Farm, one of the two extraordinary houses used as filming locations for The Invisible Man. Photo credit: Prestige Homes of Australia, Christie’s / YouTube

Today, it consists of four bedrooms, a sheltered courtyard and pool, and uninterrupted coastal views so vast you can see the curvature of the earth from the living space.

We get a few glimpses of that room, most notably near the end of the film where Cecilia and Adrian re-connect for that fateful dinner date!

If like me you’re dying to see even more of the home, good news, you can very soon. According to IMDB, scenes from the upcoming Russell Crowe-led thriller, Poker Face were also filmed at The Invisible Man house.

So, mark your calendar for December when the movie’s set to release!

Where is the black house from the opening scenes?

As for the exterior shots, we have Headland House (also known as Dovecoat) to thank for those!

It’s an ultra-contemporary 400sqm home found in Gerringong, a small yet perfectly idyllic beach town in New South Wales.

Designed by award-winning architect, Andy Carson, the ultra-modern, metal-clad masterpiece sits high on the coastline overlooking the picturesque Werri Beach.

And, in addition to its four king-sized bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, generous living spaces, and an additional two-bedroom guest house, the 150-acre property boasts quite a few unique amenities.

These include a dedicated storm viewing room with floor-to-ceiling windows, a central courtyard complete with a lawn, various patios and a heated pool, and private beach access for whoever is lucky enough to stay the night!

Speaking of which, Headland House is no longer used as a private residence and can be rented out for short stays! One thing, you might need to start saving first — prices start from $2,750 a night!

If that’s a bit too pricy for your taste (or pockets), you can also take a tour of The Invisible Man house on YouTube:

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