Reddit’s Favorite Homes: Top 30 Most Beautiful Houses Ever Submitted to r/Houseporn

Georgie Mihaila
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There’s this wonderful place on the internet where people do nothing but look at pretty houses. A magical place full of secluded cabins, heritage houses, and actual dream homes that hopped out of the realm of magic and set roots on firmer grounds.

That place is r/Houseporn. A subreddit where over 60,000 people get together to upvote and downvote user submitted photos of their own dream homes. Some real, some imagined by others, some taken from iconic movies, but all wonderful.

And we thought we’d take them out of their little bubble and share them with everyone. So we’ve looked at the most popular r/Houseporn submissions of all time and put together a round-up of reddit’s absolute favorite homes.

Look out for: a Lord of the Rings-inspired mansion (that grossly defies the size of the actual Hobbit house), Manitoga – the remarkable home of modernist designer Russel Wright, and a few dream homes posted by their proud owners (or their sons and grandson’s).

Am a sucker for normal 1.5 storey war-era homes, but Reno’d to have amazing curb-appeal. D.C. Area [2800×1400] from r/Houseporn

A stream passes through this LotR inspired Mansion in Utah. On the market for $14.9million [1024×683] from r/Houseporn

Angophora House from r/Houseporn

Beautiful historic home in Seattle, Washington from r/Houseporn

Montana living from r/Houseporn

Modern Style House in Omaha, NE[1280×853] from r/Houseporn

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An Old Mill in the Gardens of Château de Courances in France [723 × 1000] from r/Houseporn

Perfect escape into the woods from r/Houseporn

My Uncle’s Authentic Hand-built Log Cabin In Montana [1199×900] from r/Houseporn

Recently built Craftsman style home in Portland, Oregon from r/Houseporn

Forest House [480×699] from r/Houseporn

One of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. Falling Waters in Mill Run, PA [2448×3264] from r/Houseporn

Beautiful Home in Canada from r/Houseporn

Fairytale house in Austria from r/Houseporn

Isolated from r/Houseporn

Cabin in the woods. from r/Houseporn

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“Manitoga,” the home of industrial designer Russel Wright [750×738] from r/Houseporn

West Virginia from r/Houseporn

Santorini, Greece. from r/Houseporn

Home my dad built in California [1797×1120] from r/Houseporn

Cozy, Modern Contemporary Cabin perched on River in Woody Creek, CO [2034×2550] from r/Houseporn

Villa in Sundom, Finland (late 19th century) [1024×683] from r/Houseporn

Unique house in Victoria, BC [1024×768] from r/Houseporn

Modern Cabin built above a pond. (Has a diving platform built into the living room.) | Oregon [1362×908] from r/Houseporn

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My house. Built in 1841. from r/Houseporn

Sun Valley, Idaho. [2560×1708] from r/Houseporn

Hallstatt, Austria. from r/Houseporn

Beautiful Mountain Home, Lake Tahoe, California from r/Houseporn

My neighbors’ ridiculous victorian riverfront home from r/Houseporn

Inverted Pyramid House in Spain [2364×2955] from r/Houseporn

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