Take a Tour of Lenny Kravitz’s House, a Massive 1,000-acre Farm Compound in Brazil

"I’m done with the hustle and the bustle. I’m going to be a farmer.”

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It’s the art that chooses the artist, but in Lenny Kravitz’s case, the man seems to be the one choosing his arts — then goes on to add entirely new layers to them. Everything the man touches, be it music, design or technology, he masters, leaving us at awe with the range of his skills and creativity.

You can then imagine what Lenny Kravitz has managed to do with a project that’s been so close to his heart since the first time he set eyes on it a little over a decade ago: his farm house compound in Brazil.

outside lenny kravitz's house in brazil
 Photo: Simon Upton for Architectural Digest

“I was traveling all over the country (Brazil), becoming increasingly attracted to the people, the culture, the music, and the land as well. There’s something incredibly powerful and majestic about this place,” Kravitz told the team from Architectural Digest.

He was reminiscing about a time over a decade ago when, at the end of his tour, less than 24 hours before he and his band were set to depart for Miami, Kravitz received a call from a friend inviting him to check out a property in the countryside.

“Everyone was ready to go home, but something told me, ‘Have an adventure.’ So we got there at night, and the next morning I awoke in the most spectacularly lush, beautiful landscape you can imagine. We were nestled in a valley, surrounded by mountains, with waterfalls, cows, horses, monkeys, fruit groves, and vegetable fields—the whole panoply of nature,” he continues.

Lenny Kravitz riding a horse in his home in Brazil
Credit: Architectural Digest’s home tour of Lenny Kravitz’s Brazilian farm compound

Lenny Kravitz’s one-day trip turned into a week, then the week turned into a month.

“I ended up staying for six months. It was extraordinary. I just dropped out of life, learned to ride horses from the cowboys, learned about farming, and reconnected with nature,” he says. “I’d never felt more calm, peaceful, and closer to God. It was a magical time. I thought, I’m done with the hustle and the bustle. I’m going to be a farmer.” Two years later, he went back, this time determined to make the dream property his own. So he purchased the entire 1,000-acre estate.

A breathtaking 18th century coffee plantation near Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Lenny Kravitz’s house is every nature-lover’s dream. And while it is still a work in progress, Lenny is carefully overlooking every little detail as the property is morphing into the heavenly sanctuary he has set out to create here.

After buying the 1,000-acre spread (that came with several farmhouses and outbuildings), Kravitz went on to convert the existing structures into recreational and recording quarters. Kravitz has ensured that the essence of the original structures remained, while remodeling them to better fit current times.

The house boasts pieces designed by family, local designers and carefully curated art flown in from the United States. His love for family is clearly showcased throughout the house, with several photographs of his mother, cousin and grandfather adorning the walls. And recently, in an interview with Architectural Digest, he decided to share them with his fans, by walking us all around his little piece of heaven.

You can watch the full home tour here:

Inside Lenny Kravitz’s Master Suite

There’s a lot to talk about his bedroom. From the large monochrome banana leaves photographed and projected on the walls by Chris Wyrick, to the worn-out vintage bed upholstered in a Jack Lenor Larsen print to the musical instruments claiming their rightful space in his bedroom.

But what really grabs your attention is the copper bathtub sitting by the window, two steps away from the bed. “There’s got to be a bathtub in the bedroom,” he claims while talking to the AD team and you get an idea of how important it is for him.

 lenny kravitz's house interiors in brazil: bedroom
 Photo: Simon Upton for Architectural Digest

The more than half a dozen windows in the suite let in all those vibrant colors of nature that contrast beautifully with the monochrome walls.

If it Ain’t Fresh, It Ain’t There

One of the things that attracted Kravitz the most was the closeness to everything natural; especially the farm fresh produce. No wonder the kitchen has a large island in the center, laden with freshly picked fruits and vegetables.

 lenny kravitz's house interiors in brazil: kitchen
Credit: Architectural Digest’s home tour of Lenny Kravitz’s Brazilian farm compound

All that Jazz and Perks

One of the outhouses have been converted into a guesthouse with an open space plan and four bedrooms. Colorful murals on all four walls are not everyone’s cup of tea. But then that’s not just anybody’s house either. The large painted leaves and plantations on the wall offer great contrast against black leather sofa designed by his own design house.

The plantation also houses a soccer field, a large swimming pool, a full gym, barbecue area (something the Brazilians take very seriously) and endless acres of nature in its rawest form.

 lenny kravitz's house interiors in brazil
 Photo: Simon Upton for Architectural Digest
 lenny kravitz's house interiors in brazil: living room
 Photo: Simon Upton for Architectural Digest
 lenny kravitz's house interiors in brazil: kitchen
 Photo: Simon Upton for Architectural Digest

You don’t see many people take off their shoes before entering their homes, but that’s just the kind of love and respect Lenny Kravitz’s homes are accustomed to.

He set out to create a little heavenly sanctuary in the heart of nowhere, and that’s exactly what it feels like. Too bad you can’t give him a call and drop by, because there is no mobile phone reception down there.

The “American Woman” singer and “Hunger Games” actor is truly disconnected from the hustle of his everyday life when down there and seems to be fully enjoying the simple life, riding his horse, growing fresh produce and basically being the farmer to his Fadenza (Portuguese for farmer), as he calls it.

Credit: Architectural Digest’s home tour of Lenny Kravitz’s Brazilian farm compound

Mr. Kravitz also owns a home on a small island named Eleuthera in the Bahamas; and while he may not be a farmer down there, he takes his simple life rules to the Bahamas too — washing his clothes himself, by hand, and basically keeping his personal life as simple and natural as possible.

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