How to Use Video Walls to Make Your Home More Entertainment-Friendly

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Let’s start with the basics: What’s a video wall?

Consisting of multiple screens arranged one next to another or overlapping to form a continuous display, video walls are a great addition to a modern home, making them a growing trend among tech enthusiasts (and not only) looking to score extra points in the eyes of their visitors.

Common for many years in television studios, newsrooms, and sports bars, video walls have started being a frequent addition to homes as interior design features.

Appealing to a wide audience from movie lovers to musicians, tech enthusiasts and gamers, video walls can transform any room of the house, leaving room for tons of creativity when it comes to layout and design.

If you’re considering setting up a video wall in your home, but aren’t quite sure where it would work best, here are some of the most common ways people use them to make their homes more entertaining:

Upgrading the lounge

Often, watching television or a movie is one of the primary purposes of a lounge. A video wall makes a fantastic way to vary the traditional “one screen, with a sofa opposite” arrangement found in many living rooms around the world.

With a large enough configuration, the lounge goes from “comfortable living area” to “luxurious home theater.” 

Extra party flair for the kitchen

The soul of many modern homes resides in the kitchen, and of course that’s where many friends and families tend to congregate.

Adding a video wall to the kitchen heightens the entertainment value of the room, and also makes seeking some last-minute recipe ideas online that much easier (and easier to follow)!

The perfect office upgrade

Working from home? A video wall in the home office is a natural fit. In this setting, the multi-screen setups can really come to life, allowing multiple documents, presentations and spreadsheets to be visible at the same time.

Internet video chats with remote colleagues also look great on video walls, turning the home office in a home conference room.

The gamer’s paradise

Have a hankering for the newest first-person shooter, or that classic RPG?

Upgrade your game room with a video wall, and watch how quickly your place becomes the hot spot for game nights with your friends.

Bigger is better! A high-tech video wall in your game room raises the bar for all your buddies – though it still won’t help you beat them. Here’s how one proud Reddit user set up his own video wall:

Gameroom – All sports welcome. While son plays Fortnite, I can keep up with NCAA Basketball, NFL Combine, Golf, SheBelieves Cup, MLB and still get some work done. from r/gamerooms

There are numerous other uses for video walls. As technology advances and screens get ever thinner, lighter, and less cumbersome, the number of rooms in which video walls work will only go up. Fancy a luxurious bath while streaming a movie? With a video wall, anything is possible.

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