Gwyneth Paltrow’s Montecito Mansion is Her “Forever, Forever Home”

“We built this from the ground up,” the Goop founder proudly says as she gives Architectural Digest the tour of her magnificent home.

actress Gwyneth Paltrow gives Architectural Digest a tour of her house in Montecito
Image credit: Youtube / Architectural Digest

Mom-of-two Gwyneth Paltrow covers the latest edition of Architectural Digest and opens up the doors to her luxurious Montecito, Calif. family home.

We built this from the ground up,” the Goop magnate, 49, shares, adding that she enlisted the help of her longtime collaborators Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch of Roman and Williams, as well as designer Brigette Romanek, a close friend of more than two decades.

Continue reading about her custom-built “forever, forever home” that she shares with husband, director-producer Brad Falchuk, and their combined four children.

Montecito has always been her go-to

During her two semesters at UC Santa Barbara, the Iron Man star first envisioned Montecito as the perfect setting to build her dream house.

I’ve always gravitated toward Santa Barbara. Even when I was living in London, we’d take the kids there for holidays. It was our sweet gem of an escape in the U.S.,” she says of her former family holidays with then-husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

On one visit in 2015, Paltrow discovered the perfect lot for sale with a teardown and tons of potential. “It was like Grey Gardens,” Paltrow recalls. “There were wild animals living there and swarms of bugs, but I fell in love with the land and the views.”

And soon after, she began building her first ground-up house.

“It was quite an undertaking,” admits the actress.

As it turns out, Gwyneth Paltrow’s house was worth the wait (and the work)

Stepping inside the house feels like a warm and welcoming hug.

“I really wanted the entryway to feel like its own special room,” says the Academy Award-winning actress.

Featuring an 18th-century fireplace mantel and reclaimed-stone floors from Chateau Domingue, Paltrow says the entrance was inspired from her years in London.

“We conceived of having a fireplace, which is something you see a lot in Europe in an entryway, and just gives this really nice feeling of warmth and welcome as you come in,” she shares.

From there, Paltrow takes you to one of her “favorite little rooms in the house.” Featuring hand-painted wallpaper, an antiqued mirror and a reclaimed sink, the powder room “is really pretty,” says the actress. “I love it.”

She deadpans: “It makes me feel very grown up when I pee in here.”

An avid foodie, it’s all about the places & spaces to eat

And she definitely had dinner parties in mind while building her dream house.

“I entertain a lot; I cook all the time,” says the Shaksepear in Love star.

While walking into the dining room, she says it “strikes the right balance” of being welcoming yet formal enough for a dinner party.

“You can spill pasta and wine and it just wipes right off,” Paltrow says of her custom-made dining room table imported from France.

actress Gwyneth Paltrow in her dining room, at home
Image credit: YouTube / Architectural Digest

And then there’s the “Star Trek” looking chandelier featuring pearls. “I can’t decide if it looks like a grasshopper or lily pads,” the lifestyle guru says of the unique light feature.

Admittedly, there was some “friction” with her designer friend Brigette Romanek regarding the futuristic lighting feature, but they eventually agreed it is the perfect addition to the space.

The unique wallpaper from MJ Atelier, which was hand-painted by local artists in Los Angeles, also did the walls in the powder room. “The wallpaper really grounds the room into a more traditional feel,” says Paltrow.

And now for “the heart of the home.”

As the mom-of-two walks into her kitchen, she can’t help but gush: “I love it so much.”

Admitting that she prefers her range in the middle of the room because she “cooks so much” and it allows her to interact with her kids and family members.

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While she loves a white kitchen, the reclaimed tiles from Portugal brings “texture and some homey feeling” to the kitchen.

The plate of walls is another beautiful blue element in the kitchen. “If you get plates with a beautiful pattern you want to see them and usually they’re just stacked in the cupboard so we did this plate wall and it brings a pop of color to the house,” she shares.

Gwyneth Paltrow's kitchen has a wall to display her plate collection
Image credit: YouTube / Architectural Digest

Reminiscent of her days in the UK, Paltrow also dreamed of adding a fireplace in the kitchen.

“It’s such a luxury to have a wood-burning fireplace in your kitchen,” she says.

“It does take me back to my days living in the UK. I had two wood-burning fireplaces in the kitchen, and it was just such an important element of beating those cold, dark winters. And I just got so used to having the fires on all the time.”

Gwyneth Paltrow for Architectural Digest

Either way, the kids are happy. Paltrow’s son Moses, 15, and daughter Apple, 17, are big fans of mama’s creations in the kitchen.

“My son’s favorite recipe that I make is turkey meatballs or turkey ragu,” says Paltrow. “He loves pasta and he loves turkey sauce.” Adding that her daughter also loves pasta, she says Apple’s favorite dish “is either this lemon parmesan pasta or a spicy marinara.”

While she loves “going to the farmers’ market and planning the meal on the fly,” Paltrow does love a nicely organized cupboard.

“This is like, my dream, to have all my pots lined up. These beautiful cast iron pots,” the actress shares.

And now for the “bonkers” living room

While touring her serene family home, Paltrow points out that each room has completely different flooring. “It’s such a nice way to offer a distinct personality to a room,” says the Sliding Doors star.

To introduce her living room, she says that it’s “kind of bonkers in the best way.”

“I really wanted it to be a bit of a showstopper,” she says of the unique features, including a super luxe swing/ hammock. “I lie in it all the time. I mean, I go there and I read or talk on the phone or whatever, and it’s become one of my favorite spots,” she shares.

The unique lighting named Paradise City from the famous Guns ‘N Roses song has become the “jewelry for the living room,” says the Avengers star.

Speaking of showstoppers, that marble bar!

actress Gwyneth Paltrow in her living room, in front of the marble bar
Image credit: YouTube / Architectural Digest

“I found the inspiration for this on the internet… a beautiful jade bar,” Paltrow says of the unique living room wet bar. “I don’t even know what kind of marble it is, but it’s so pretty,” adding that she “fell in love with it,” immediately upon seeing it at the stone yard.

And now for the “most incredible thing of the house”

Saving the best for last, Paltrow opens a door for the camera crew while stating, “This is kind of the most incredible thing of the house.”

While jaws drop and envy kicks in, the Golden Globe-winning actress reveals the stunning indoor spa.

“I’m into wellness so I feel like it’s justified,” she says, joking that she should write it off as a business expense. “I come in here everyday and use it all the time.”

the spa inside actress Gwyneth Paltrow's home
Image credit: YouTube / Architectural Digest

Boasting unlacquered brass elements, which is a theme running through the entire house, she shares the fabulous features of her dream spa.

“There’s a cold plunge, excellent for circulation,” adding that there’s also ahot tub and then there’s a steam and a sauna.”

“I think when we were conceiving of the house, we were trying to think of just like a forever, forever home and what would be the few things that are just so special and that you could use when you’re much older,” Paltrow says of the stunning spa room featuring Waterworks shower fixtures from the Atlas Collection.

“And so, we were kind of thinking it would be amazing to have a real spa.”

She lives in the lap of luxury, but mom duties remain

After the grand tour, the mom-of-two signs off to her custom-made dream kitchen.

“I have to go make some meatballs, so see you later,” Paltrow says, adding it’s been a “real pleasure” to showcase her family home.

But if you’d like more from the Seven star, check out her full video tour here. And see her Instagram post showcasing her cover feature and “labor of love.”

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